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PLO Mission to US Allowed to Fly Palestinian Flag

Spokesman Philip Crowley told reporters last Friday [July 23] of the new arrangement for the mission: “They requested it, we evaluated it, and we recognized its importance to them, and we granted it. Just to clarify, there has been no change in the status of the Palestinian mission here in Washington,” said Crowley. “It operates

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Israel Welcomes New EU Sanctions on Iran

Israel has been calling for sanctions on Iran’s gas and oil industries for a while. Said Regev on the new EU sanctions that target those sectors, “These sanctions are good sanctions, they are ratcheting up the pressure on the Iranian regime to abandon its nuclear program. I think if Iran continues to thumb its nose

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Algeria Won’t Honor Jewish Property Restitution Requests

The ministry also raised the possibility of holding indirect negotiations with the relevant countries as a means of establishing compensation. According to the plan, which was initiated by Deputy Minister Lea Nass, a department will be formed within the ministry to handle the claims. The Yedioth article was widely run in a number of newspapers

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Egypt’s Foreign Minister Responds to Hizbullah Threats of Violence in Lebanon

Regional leaders are moving to head-off instability in Lebanon. King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia, Syrian President Bashar Al-Asad, and Qatari Emir Sheikh Hamad Bin Khalifa Al-Thani are all due to visit Beirut beginning with King Abdullah on Friday [July 30]. 

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EU, Canada Announce New Iran Sanctions

In addition to the latest round of UN sanctions, the European measures come following recent American sanctions on Iran. British Foreign Secretary William Hague said in a statement posted on the FCO Web site following the sanctions decision, “I welcome the decision taken by the EU today to put in place an unprecedented package of

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Barak: If Hizbullah Attacks, We’ll Strike Lebanese Government

Barack also commented on the Iranian nuclear program, and said that Jerusalem and Washington share the same “diagnosis” that Iran is “determined to reach nuclear military capability.” But he acknowledged “there are differences about what could be done about it, how it should be done, and what (is) the timeframe within which certain steps could

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Israel to Send Police Team to Haiti

The Israeli Cabinet officially accepted the UN request for the personnel on Sunday [July 25]. In addition to the costs covered by the UN, sending the group and operating it for six months is estimated to cost NIS 2 million (roughly US $520,000). According to the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web site, in recent months

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Five Palestinians Arrested with Weapons

A military official said the incident was unusual. “The first interrogation revealed their intention,” he said. “In any case, proper conduct by the reserve force thwarted the intention of the Palestinian cell to ambush soldiers and attack them.” Head of the Samaria Regional Council, Gershon Mesika, commended the troops on the arrest. “We are proud

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Abbas Under Pressure to Begin Direct Talks

An Arab League foreign minister’s summit is set for Thursday [July 29], and Abbas is expected to lay out the Palestinian Authority’s position on the talks at the meeting. The three world leaders reportedly promised Abbas they would work to keep the Israelis from stalling in the talks. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has been

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Israeli Scientists Increase Computer Memory Capabilities

“There are several advantages. First, our memory is much smaller and can store much more volume than current [ones],” Professor Danny Porath from the Institute of Chemistry at the Hebrew University and the lead scientist behind the discovery, told The Media Line. “Our parts are self-assembling–they know how to put themselves together, which makes it

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