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Interpol Tells Lebanon to Arrest Hariri Murder Suspects

Hizbullah accuses the STL of being controlled by the U.S. and Israel and has vowed to block the arrest of any of its members in connection with the killing. 

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US, European Legislators Opposed to Palestinian Unilateralism

Both expressions come as the Palestinians face a Friday [July 15] deadline to file for a Security Council vote on UN recognition so it can take place during this September’s General Assembly meetings. According to The Jerusalem Post, the European parliamentarians’ letter calls for renewed negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians and upon the EU

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Fly-In Doesn’t Really Get Off the Ground

Two pro-Palestinian activists were deported overnight, but another 118 were still in custody. Originally some 800 activists were expected to try and land at the airport under the protest slogan of ‘Welcome to Palestine’.  A few groups of young Israelis went to the arrival hall and displayed placards reading ‘Welcome to Israel’.   As this week

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Israel Sets Maritime Borders

The borders delineate an area thought to contain natural gas as well as oil reserves. Infrastructure Minister Uzi Landau said the Lebanese government was being petty. “If they have complaints with nothing but goodwill and neighborly desire for coexistence they must take steps just like any other civilized country—and hold clarifications and negotiations with us,”

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Flotilla Activists About to Give Up?

Despite the circumstances causing the activists to return home, the spokesman said they are not at all disappointed, and happy with their contribution. He added that the important thing was that Israel allowed supplies to be passed along to Gaza. However he criticized the Greek government for taking part in the blockage, but promised the

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Israel Sees ‘Chaos Dividend’ in Arab Spring

The planners job it is to look ahead and map out just how the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) are currently wrapping up a five-year plan, and drawing up a new strategy on how to build forces capable of meeting the uncertainty created by the upheavals sweeping across the Middle East. In a briefing with foreign

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Significant Archeological Finds South of Haifa

“We had seen the structure in the old photographs, and were sorry that such a rarely preserved finding had disappeared due to neglect. We were not even sure that we would be able to find it again. It was practically a miracle that we managed to locate and uncover it and that it is still

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UN Could Begin Discussing Palestinian Statehood This Month

Said the German press statement, “The discussion is particularly likely to include the Palestinian Authority’s possible intention to apply for full UN membership for Palestine in September.” According to a provisional schedule posted on the UN Web site, the Middle East debate is expected to take place on July 26. Germany said the Middle East

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IDF Force Comes Under Fire Near Gaza Fence

The IDF stressed that the only fire discharged was in response to the Palestinians’ rocket fire. On Tuesday [July 7] IAF [Israel Air Force] aircrafts targeted both a terror cell preparing to launch rockets at Israel, as well as a smuggling tunnel in northern Gaza Strip.

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Egyptian Gas Pipeline Blown Up for Third Time

The gas contract has been viewed in Israeli circles as a barometer of future relations with Egypt under its post-Mubarak successor regime.

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