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America’s U.N. Veto Outrages Arabs; Sets Up “Day of Rage”

President Obama tried until the last possible moment to convince Palestinian Authority [PA] head Mahmoud Abbas to withdraw the resolution, but with no success. Backed by the Arab world, Abbas rejected the American contention that the issue of Israeli building on land it acquired in the 1967 war, which the Palestinians see as the land

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IDF Prevents Gaza Explosives Attack

Said the press statement, “The presence of Palestinian civilians in the area adjacent to the security fence is used by terrorist organizations as cover for their activities, including planting explosive devices, planning terrorist attacks and attempting to kidnap IDF soldiers. For this reason, the IDF will not allow anyone to be present in this area.”

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Unrest Spreads to Libyan Capital, Arab Protests Simmer

Revolutions which deposed the presidents of Tunisia and Egypt have shaken the Arab world and inspired protests across the Middle East and North Africa, threatening the grip of long-entrenched autocratic leaders. In the Gulf kingdom of Bahrain, thousands of protesters gathered in a square in Manama, calling for political change and awaiting promised talks with

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“Iran Recovered Quickly from Cyber Attack”

According to the report, a network of surveillance cameras installed by United Nations inspectors to keep tabs on Iran’s nuclear progress recorded last year something unexpected: Workers hauling away crate after crate of broken equipment. In a six-month period between late 2009 and last spring, the Washington Post said, UN officials were amazed to see

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In Lebanon, Al-Hariri Enters Opposition with Strong Support for Tribunal

Al-Hariri made his speech to a Beirut rally celebrating the birthday of Mohammed. He criticized Hizbullah’s use of its strength of arms to influence domestic politics and rejected its claim that the STL is an “Israeli tool.” Al-Hariri sarcastically congratulated Hizbullah for forming a government “that was hijacked by the intimidation of weapons and…a power

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Welcome to the World’s Only Arab Bone Marrow Registry—in Israel

Since Arabs frequently marry relatives, at least 60% of those needing marrow find genetic matches within their own extended families. Using lectures, publicity campaigns, newspaper articles and social media, Bishara has spread the word that the registry is the best means of locating donors for Arabs suffering from blood cancers and a variety of genetic

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Egypt Suez Canal Told Iran Warship Passing Scrapped

If the ships had crossed, it would have been the first time since Iran’s 1979 revolution that Iranian warships had passed through the canal, officials said. Iran’s revolution poisoned ties with Egypt, which signed a peace treaty with Israel that year.    Israeli Foreign Minister Avigdor Lieberman had said plans for the two Iranian warships

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Nasrallah Threatens to Take Over Galilee

On Tuesday [February 15], Israel shut down several diplomatic missions temporarily as result of “unusual incidents against Israeli targets” coinciding with the upcoming anniversary of the Mugniyah assassination in Syria. Meanwhile, the alert level at Israel’s missions abroad had been raised to its highest level. Nasrallah referred to the above threats in his speech, saying:

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Fierce Demonstrations Reported in Libya after Dissident Jailed

Government forces are reportedly trying to end the protests. In Iran, legislators have called for opposition leaders Moussavi and Karroubi to be executed for instigating anti-government demonstrations in Tehran.

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Israeli Embassies Threatened, Possibly by Hizbullah

This past Saturday [February 12] marked the three-year anniversary of the car bomb that killed key Hizbullah operative Imad Mughniyeh, an anniversary that Israel is watching with concern. Hizbullah blames Israel for the assassination, although Israel has not claimed credit.   Jerusalem said that Israel temporarily closed the threatened embassies, while also noting that

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