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Anti-Semitism in Britain Still at Alarming Levels

The total of 639 anti-Semitic incidents in 2010 was 17% higher than the 2008 total. Moreover, violent anti-Semitic assaults in 2010 only fell by 8% from the 124 incidents in 2009, and they rose as a proportion of the overall total, from 13% in 2009 to 18% in 2010. CST head Mark Gardner declared: “Anti-Semitism

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Rescued Chilean Miners Coming to Israel

In his invitation to the miners, Misezhnikov wrote: “Your bravery and strength of spirit, your great faith that helped you survive so long in the bowels of the earth, was an inspiration to us all. It would be a great honor for us to welcome you as our guests in the Holy Land.” President Shimon

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Israel Demands—While US Desires—that Egypt Uphold Peace

While pointing out the positive nature of democracy in Egypt, the press statement also underscored Israel’s calls for the government in Egypt, both current and future, to continue the 31-year-old peace between the two nations. “Israel believes that the international community must insist that any Egyptian government maintain the peace treaty with Israel,” said the

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Israel, Germany to Save Lake Victoria

In the past few years, an international effort has tried to find out what went wrong in the lake in order to try and save at least some of the many varieties of flora and fauna that can be found in and around Lake Victoria. The Israeli–German joint effort will directly and indirectly benefit a

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Yemen’s President Will End 30-year Reign amid Mass Demonstrations

Because of its geographical location and the infiltration of Al-Qaeda into what it sees as a strategic base, the American government has supported Saleh despite the transparent corruption associated with his regime. When the unrest began, Saleh immediately raised the salaries of the military, apparently seeking to shore up its support as demonstrations intensify.

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Jordanian King Replaces Prime Minister amid Protests

The New York Times noted that directly criticizing the king in Jordan is banned. Jordan’s four weeks of protests have focused on the economy and political reforms. The royal palace targeted those points in the official announcement regarding the prime minister change.   According to The New York Times, the statement said Bakhit is to

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Israeli Nightmare: Muslims to Halt Gas Supply

Egypt supplies around 40% of Israel’s gas consumption. The rest originates from a reservoir near Ashdod owned by Israel and the United States. If the Egyptian gas delivery continues as planned, the reservoir is expected to run out only by 2014. Starting from 2014, Israel’s electric company and private entrepreneurs plan to begin purchasing a

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Solar Energy that Floats on Water

At Solaris headquarters in Jerusalem, co-founder and CEO Yossi Fisher explains that each Lego-like module of Solaris’ Floating Concentrating Photovoltaic (F-CPV) system is faced with a curved mirrored film that clusters the sunlight into a thin line. Since only that five percent of the surface needs a silicon cover, Solaris uses relatively little of the

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Netanyahu Warns Radical Islamists Could Take Over Egypt

Still, that doesn’t mean such forces couldn’t take control later. In comments posted on the Prime Minister’s Office Web site, Netanyahu said, “We all hope that the situation will be resolved peacefully, that stability will be restored and that the peace will be preserved. I think I can also say that the source of the

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Grad Rockets Hit near Netivot, Ofakim

“It was terrifying,” an Ofakim resident said. “We heard a boom—like a nuclear bomb. We thought it was thunder; there was smoke and explosions. We’re dying of fear that another wave of Grads and Kassams will begin. We have no shelters or secure rooms, and the rocket fell about 10 meters [33 feet] from the

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