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“No Palestine without Jordan Valley”

However, the PM said the issue of sovereignty over the Jordan Valley will be determined during the peace negotiations, should they resume. “Without Israeli presence in the Jordan Valley, a truck will be able to travel freely from Iran to Petah Tikva [a city in central Israel],” he said during a tour of the region.

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At Least 13 Killed in Sectarian Violence in Egypt

This week’s fighting actually occurred as hundreds of Christians protested the church burning. There was a separate peaceful protest by thousands on Wednesday, with demonstrators calling for the government to respond by rebuilding the church. The military has said they would do so. The New York Times also said an investigation into this week’s violence

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UK Upgrades Status of Palestinian Delegation to London

The British step was intended as a response to what they felt was Palestinian progress in institution building and the peace road map. That endorsement comes as the peace process with Israel has been suspended, with the Palestinians refusing to negotiate with Israel following the end of Israel’s 10-month settlement construction freeze last year. The

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Newspaper: Iran’s Lebanon Policy “In Hands of Nasrallah”

that Iran’s leaders see Hizbullah as “an extension of the Islamic Republic, a powerful and reliable ally.”

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On the Road Again for Old Tires

About 3 million tires go out of service in Israel every year, and they are often found discarded and scattered at various locations. “We are talking about 15% of the total wasted tires in Israel. Something like 700 tires in one kilometer of lane; in one experiment, we doubled this figure up to 1,400 tires,”

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Israel Sees First Worrying Sign of New Mideast—Cut Gas Supplies

Ampal-American Israel Corp., which owns a 12.5% interest in the pipeline running from Egypt’s Al-Arish to the Israeli port city of Ashkelon, said last Thursday [March 3] that repair work on the pipeline was complete, but that final testing has been delayed. After promising repeatedly over the last month that supplies would be resumed shortly,

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Palestinian Prime Minister Fayyad Criticizes US “Extortion”

He emphasized his opposition to American ‘extortion,’” and added that “our rights are not for sale, barter, or trade for a handful of dollars” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Feb. 21, 2011]. His comments were in response to the US veto of a UN resolution on the issue of Israeli building in Jerusalem and the West Bank [Judea

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Israel Seeks Even More German Tourists

Israel will have a 770-square meter [8,288 square feet] stand at the fair, which will even include Israeli folk dancing. The Israeli group includes tourism industry representatives from tour providers, hotels, airlines and more.   Tourism Minister Misezhnikov will also meet with German officials during the fair. According to the press release, that includes a

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Abbas: Time for Palestine in UN

The Palestinian president expressed his objection to the initiative to launch negotiations for an interim agreement on Thursday [March 3]. Sources at the Prime Minister’s Office said in response that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu would likely abandon the idea. Abbas added that he would plead with the International Quartet on the Middle East to take

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Palestinian Street Wants Unity, but Leaders Look to Buy Time

The two Palestinian areas have been politically divided since Hamas violently took control of the Gaza Strip in June 2007, ending a brief national unity government. Reconciliation talks in Egypt and Syria have failed to reconcile differences. While both sides want a Palestinians state, Fatah wants to achieve it through negotiations while Hamas is sworn

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