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Israeli President Visits South Korea to Improve Cooperation

The statement said Peres was to meet with Korean government leaders, during which he “hopes to discuss the political relationship between the two countries and the potential for increased economic and technological cooperation.” Peres was also set to tour several Korean research and development centers and meet with business people.

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‘Syria, Turkey to Cooperate to Remove Gaza Siege’

According to the report, Assad considers the current political situation a window of opportunity to work, together with Turkey, to boost pressure on Israel, partly in light of the increased calls in Europe and the United States to either end or loosen the blockade on the Strip. Both Turkey and Syria believe “the diplomatic move,

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Chinese Businessmen Hope to Conquer the Israeli Market

Israel, the minister pointed out, has per capita the most startup companies in the world, with a high tech industry that accounts for almost 50% of the country’s exports and almost half of the country’s gross domestic product [GDP]. Since Israel established formal trade relations with China in 1992, the trade volume between the two

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PA TV Honors Terrorist: Kids Sing Anti-Israel Hate Song

The girls were filmed outside the terrorist’s home and appeared in a prerecorded feature on official Palestinian Authority TV about Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails. The following are the words of the song dedicated to the terrorist on PA TV: Prisoner’s niece 1: “I want to recite a song for you [Palestinian prisoner Sanaa Shehadeh]:

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard Offers to Escort Gaza Aid Ships

The Times reported on Monday [June 7] that the Iranian Red Crescent [a branch of the Red Cross] has also decided to send two aid ships to Gaza within the next few days. A confrontation between Israeli forces and any vessel accompanied by Iranian war ships could have drastic repercussions.

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Navy: Gaza Divers Planned Attack on Home Front

The Navy officer said one of the terrorists was in a small boat, while the others were swimming beside him a few hundred meters from the beach, in what appeared to be a well-planned operation. “The [Israeli] commandos, who acted with professionalism and determination, spotted the cell and fired accurately. We are currently investigating the

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Schwarzenegger, Crowds Support Israel in L.A. Rally

Gov. Schwarzenegger, according to Artzyeli, “expressed his strong support for the State of Israel.” Schwarzenegger also spoke at the event on the phone with Noam Shalit, the father of kidnapped [Israel Defense Forces] IDF soldier Gilad Shalit. Artzyeli said Schwarzenegger “expressed his strong support and called for the release of Gilad Shalit.” Shalit—taken in a

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Latest Gaza Ship Boarded without Incident

In a statement on Sunday [June 6] to the Security Cabinet posted on the Prime Minister’s Office Web site, Israeli leader Benjamin Netanyahu noted the contrast between the Marmara violence and the Rachel Corrie. “Regarding yesterday’s ship [Rachel Corrie] and five of the six ships in the previous flotilla, this process ended without casualties or

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Turkey Suspends All Energy Projects with Israel

The New York Times charged in an editorial on Saturday [June 5] that the Turkish government “has let its anger and rhetoric go way too far” in its vociferous condemnation of Israel. The New York Times suggested that, “If Turkey is truly committed to the rights of the Palestinians, it should be pressing other Muslim

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Meridor Cancels Turkey Visit

Meanwhile, the Justice Ministry is preparing for a wave of international lawsuits against [Israel Defense Forces] IDF soldiers and senior officers, as well as state officials. Any public figure's request to travel abroad will be examined according to the destination country's laws. Furthermore, President Shimon Peres, who was forced to postpone his Vietnam visit following

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