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Coming Soon: A Vaccine against Cancer

“Our technology consists of proprietary peptide carriers which are derived from a protein element called Heat Shock Protein 60 enabling a much more effective method of battling bacteria and viruses,” says Eitan. Vacciguard’s research shows that when carrier peptides from HSP60 are attached to external areas of a pathogen or tumor (known as an antigen),

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Netanyahu: We Won’t Be Dictated To

“We have been steadfast these two years, making sure that any peace agreement brings with it a secure, safe peace—not just peace on paper, but a sustainable peace. I have set two core principles to that effect: the first, Palestinian recognition in the State of Israel as the Jewish people’s homeland; and the second, real

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Donor Nations Deem Palestinian Authority “Above Threshold of State”

Although Israel vehemently opposes such a move, the thumbs-up from the Ad Hoc Liaison Committee gives increased credibility to the threat. Efforts by the Quartet—the international sponsors of the Israeli–Palestinian peace process including the U.S., U.N., European Union and Russia—meanwhile have ground to a virtual halt, the latest indication being the cancellation of a scheduled

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Hundreds Rally outside Israeli Consulate in Alexandria

“We came here together, young and independent people, to protest the removal of the Facebook page supporting the Palestinian intifada,” said Revolution Youth Coalition member Muhammad Wafani. “This is racist and unjust behavior, based on pro-Israeli political views, which a Web site such as Facebook shouldn’t have,” he stated. The protesters stressed the importance of

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Get Mobile with a Touch Free Cellphone

A wave of the hand could tell your iPhone to jump to the next contact, or a Lindsay Lohan peace sign to call your BFF. This isn’t some far-off dream: XTR software is expected to start arriving in the mobile market by the end of this year. And if you want to feel like the

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Poll—Most Americans Oppose Unilateral Palestinian State

Speaking in a press release about the survey on the issue of theoretical declaration of a Palestinian state, Mizrahi was quoted as saying, “Many Americans feel that the problem is not territory, but rather the culture of hate that encourages young Palestinians to commit acts of terrorism against Israeli civilians. They do not see how

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Lieberman: I’m A Man of My Word

“He is a central figure within the government and I hope that he continues to contribute to public life,” he said. Earlier in the day, the foreign minister was informed of Attorney General Yehuda Weinstein’s decision to indict him of fraud, money laundering, breach of trust and witness tampering. Further legal action in the case

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200 Have Died in Syrian Protests, Rights Group Says

Meanwhile, international pressure mounted on Syrian President Bashar Al-Assad on Monday, with the U.S., key European governments and the United Nations denouncing the deadly crackdown. The criticism marks a turning point as major powers had refrained from criticizing Assad outright.

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US Will Have Hard Time Standing Alone in UN

An Israeli official said: “Obama wants a Palestinian state and although the US is not interested in a unilateral declaration, it would be hard for it to stand alone in the General Assembly and vote against it.” In fact, many state officials believe Israel has failed on the UN front. “The fact that the Americans

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Fayyad’s Advisor Dismisses Missile Attack on School Bus

Fayyad’s advisor also used the opportunity to demonize Israel and attack Israel’s legitimacy as a state: “Israel is a country that was founded on aggression and colonialism, and it lives on the continuation of bloodshed, war and violence. The racist Israeli apartheid state is incapable of turning to peace and coexistence between nations…This aggression is

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