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Donkey Dies in Failed Gaza Terror Attack

Besides the donkey, no one was injured and no damage was caused. Military sources noted on Tuesday that terror organizations in the past have attempted to carry out terror attacks in various ways, including using animals. Last year, the military thwarted an attempt by Gaza gunmen who used booby-trapped horses loaded with explosive devices and

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NY Times: US Military Expanding Secret Operations in Middle East

The New York Times also points to the drawbacks of the initiative, including danger to the troops and the possibility of upsetting delicate diplomatic relations in the region. The newspaper reports that the directive “appears to authorize specific operations in Iran.”

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Netanyahu: Palestinians Waging Unacceptable Economic War

“Israel strives for economic peace. We have removed checkpoints; we have made life easier; we are always taking action to advance the Palestinian economy. Despite all this, the Palestinian side is opposed to economic peace and is taking steps that ultimately hurt them. This also refers to the economic boycott they are spearheading and the

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Diplomatic Press Yields Only Denials from Syria

Moualem told reporters that Syria will not “act as Israel’s policeman” in preventing weapons from reaching Hizbullah and accused Israel of using the issue as cover for its own war preparations. In Jordan, where Westerwelle concluded his Mideast trip, the German foreign minister called for Israel and the Palestinians to move immediately to direct talks

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Adding Brains to the Water Grid

Now a market-ready, easy to add-on software solution developed by an Israeli IT entrepreneur can help a city’s waterworks identify and home in on leaks so they can be plugged. Ranging in price from US $10,000 a month for a small city to US $150,000 for cities like LA or New York, company CEO Amir

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Netanyahu: Home Front Drill Preplanned

According to Netanyahu, “Israel seeks calm, stability and peace, but it’s no secret that we live in a region threatened by rockets and missiles.” The prime minister added that “the best defense is developing a deterrence and defense system, and we are investing large budgets for this purpose.” Defense Minister Ehud Barak addressed the drill

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Israel Raises Water Issue in Peace Talks

In addition to the discussion on water, Israel’s meeting with Mitchell and his team also dealt with the possibility that Israel consider taking additional confidence-building measures towards the Palestinians during the peace talks. The release said that for their part, “Israel also expects the Palestinian leadership to work to create a positive atmosphere for the

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Lebanese Prime Minister’s First White House Visit on Monday

The Daily Star in Beirut is reporting that Al-Hariri will ask the American administration to pressure Israel into halting its accusations about the Syrian Scud missiles being sent to Hizbullah. But on Friday [May 21] the U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon told reporters in Beirut that he’s concerned about the issue of Hizbullah’s arsenal and

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Popular Jewish Museum of Berlin to Get Extension

The extension, opposite the current site in central Berlin, is to be designed by the New York architect Daniel Libeskind, who already produced the zigzag metal construction of the current museum. For the extension, a large warehouse currently housing a flower market will be converted. The new extension is due to open in late 2011.

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Vidgets May Transform Your On-Line Viewing Experience

A vidget, Tsachi Sofer, AttracTV CEO, tells ISRAEL21c, may be a small screen pop-up that instantly provides viewers of a basketball game with statistics like their team’s standings, top scorers in the game, and even instant replays. A vidget can be an on-screen interface for Twitter, which parses tweets from other Twitter users watching the

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