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PM to Turkel Panel: IDF Raid on Turkish Ship Legal

“I trust the IDF's fighters and the entire State of Israel is proud of them,” the PM said Monday morning during his testimony before the investigative committee, which is headed by former justice Jacob Turkel. In his testimony, the prime minister said the ministers did not hold an in-depth discussion on the commando operation itself,

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Ahmadinejad Adds 911 to Holocaust Denial

Apparently to prove his point that “no Jewish names were among the dead,” Ahmadinejad said that no complete list of the dead has been released even though all 2,995 names are easily accessible on the Internet. 

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Rare Cuneiform Tablet Discovered

The Hazor excavations, known as the Selz Foundation Hazor Excavations in Memory of Yigael Yadin, are under the direction of Prof. Amnon Ben-Tor and Dr. Sharon Zuckerman of the Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology. Tel Hazor is regarded by many Israeli experts as being the largest and richest archaeological site in Israel.  It was the

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Hamas Official Brought to Israeli City for Warning

Abed Al-Razaq, a former minister in the Hamas government of Isma’il Haniyya, made the trip from the West Bank city of Nablus last Tuesday [August 3], about the same time the Israeli military warned soldiers and residents of post-1967 communities to be alert to kidnapping attempts.   On the Israeli side there is speculation that

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Egypt Arrests Men Who Planned Sharm Terror Attacks

The Bedouins claim the detainees are linked to the rocket attack, but Egyptian security officials have ruled out this possibility. A large amount of gunpowder was found in the vehicle, as was another substance used to make explosive devices, the report said. “Authorities questioned the suspects regarding their connection to those who fired the rockets

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Israeli Agent Fights the Nerve Gas Threat

The company's technology is based on a plant-based bioreactor which gives the firm the potential to produce a number of drugs, also including treatments for rare illnesses like Gaucher and Fabry disease. While the only known military use of nerve agents occurred in the Iran-Iraq conflict from the early 1980s to 1988, intelligence authorities have

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Obama Open to Talks with Iran

Obama said there had been no contacts with Tehran, but emphasized he was following expressions of intent to engage in talks with the five permanent members of the UN Security Council (the US, Britain, France, Russia and China) and Germany, apparently next month in Geneva. It seems the US leader thinks this is the time

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Israel Tied for Eighth Happiest Country in Poll

Denmark, Finland, Norway, Sweden and the Netherlands were ranked at the top with the highest percentage of thriving people. The Palestinian Territories, which was listed as a “country,” was tied with a rank of 96th at 14% thriving, but ahead of Turkey, India and China.   While the Forbes report noted that financial success was

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Gaza’s Latest Craze: The Water Park

Mohammed Al-Araj, the economics minister in the first government formed after Hamas won the 2006 Palestinian legislative election, is believed to be one of the water park’s directors. Other partners are believed to be members of Palestinian political factions as well as “independent businessmen,” the British newspaper The Independent reported. Sitting on 14 dunams [3.5

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Americans Call Lebanese Attack on IDF “Unjustified”

Despite his critique of Lebanon, Crowley mentioned repeatedly the need to gather more information to fully understand what happened. The incident occurred as Israel was engaging in what Israel Defense Forces (IDF)  spokeswoman Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich called routine maintenance work done “on a regular basis” on the Israeli side of the border. She then

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