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Iranian Nuclear Reactor Launch Delayed

This apparently marks a change from Salehi’s comments In September, when he said the plant was to join the national power grid in the fall. He has expressed the hope that it would reach full nominal power next spring. It should be noted that the Bushehr reactor has safeguards in place that are supposed to

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US Citizens Warned to Stay Away from Ahmadinejad Venues in Lebanon

Ahmadinejad’s controversial visit to southern Lebanon is set for Wednesday [and Thursday (October 13-14)], when he’ll make a speech at the village of Bint Jbeil, the scene of intense fighting between Hizbullah and Israel during the 2006 war. Ahmadinejad has said he wants to throw rocks at Israeli soldiers across the border fence, an idea

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Silwan: Stones Thrown at Touring Knesset Members

The [attacked group of] MKs [Knesset Members] arrived in Silwan in anticipation of the State Controller's report regarding illegal construction in the area, to be published tomorrow [October 13]. Aharonovitch's visit went off without any incidents, except for a small firecracker being thrown in the direction of his entourage. “I walked around in order to

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Netanyahu Offers Settlement Freeze for Jewish-State Recognition

“Because the Palestinians expect us to recognize the Palestinian state as their nation-state, we can expect them to recognize the Jewish state as our nation-state.” Netanyahu noted that the recognition request was not a precondition to talks,  but merely a “trust-building” measure. He said they were prepared to continue the talks “without any conditions.” According

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Spike in Anti-Jewish Facebook Sites

“Facebook officials have been very cooperative in removing these calls for anti-Jewish violence, but the hate continues to sprout at an alarming rate. We know they are committed to thwarting online bigotry, but if such a trend continues, we will urge Facebook and other social networking hubs to track and preempt online bigots more aggressively,”

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Russian About-face on Missile Deal Infuriates Tehran

The Iranian state news agency is reporting a growing call in Tehran for a lawsuit against Moscow in order to “restore the inalienable rights of the Islamic Republic of Iran.”

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Palestinian’s Erekat Mulls International Mandate Option

The Palestinian negotiator went further by saying that should the US option prove unsuccessful, the Palestinians will consider asking UN member states to recognize an independent Palestinian state. “We shall consider turning to the UN's General Assembly under the assembly's 67th clause to check the possibility of imposing an international mandate over the territories.” Erekat

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PA TV Awards US $100 Prizes for Denial of Israel’s Existence

The following are transcripts from this PA TV program, The Cedar and the Olive Tree, whose purpose was to reinforce the message that the Palestinian Authority [PA] does not recognize the legitimacy and jurisdiction of Israel anywhere. PMW is citing a number of examples from the program, including messages that recur, to demonstrate the use

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Lebanon Prepares—or Braces—for Ahmadinejad Visit

Another major Ahmadinejad speech is set for the village of Bint Jbeil in the south—a location only a short distance from the border with Israel that was a major point of conflict between Israeli troops and Hizbullah fighters during the 2006 war. Ahmadinejad will pass by the Fatima gate that separates Israel from Lebanon. Israel

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Ambassador Oren: Israel Offered Incentives Package

“They (Americans) are talking to the Palestinians as well, trying to keep them at the table and talking to the Arab League so that it would give the Palestinians another green light to continue (negotiations),” he said, adding that a clearer picture would be available “in the next 48 hours.” Oren laid the blame on

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