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US Upset after UNESCO Recommends Admitting “Palestine”

International efforts are still underway to restart Israel–Palestinian peace talks. The Palestinian UN membership application is also still under consideration by the UN Security Council. Spokesperson Victoria Nuland, speaking to reporters on Thursday [October 6], called the Palestinian UN state membership and UNESCO bids “noise and storm” that is taking people away from the US

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Fatah Youth Convict and Hang Netanyahu in Effigy

PA TV reporter: “With these brief and concise words, the children of Kafar Qaddum commenced the trial of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu—the symbolic trial which convicted him of carrying out war crimes against humanity in the Palestinian territories, confiscation and theft of land and building settlements on it—as a symbolic image of the end

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Egyptian Military Clashes with Christians in Cairo

Also on Sunday, a delegation of Israeli security officials arrived in Cairo for talks with the ruling military council concerning security issues along the border between Israel and Egypt.  

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Friday Begins the Holiest Day of the Jewish Year

Yom Kippur is holy to God as well. In Leviticus 23:26–32, we find, “The tenth day of this seventh month is the Day of Atonement. Hold a sacred assembly and deny yourselves…” Three times in these verses, the Children of Israel are commanded to deny themselves. The most common interpretation for this (in Israel) is

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High Alert on Yom Kippur for Fear of Riots

October 10, 2011

Police will restrict entry to the Temple Mount to men over the age of 45 following intelligence indicating plans to start riots. Meanwhile, police and Border Guard forces will be deployed in Jerusalem to maintain order. Officers will also guard the Western Wall from Friday afternoon until the end of Kippur. Police will also guard

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International Meetings to Discuss Peace Process

US spokesperson Victoria Nuland told reporters on Tuesday the Quartet envoys were set for a meeting in Europe on Sunday. When asked by a reporter what would be discussed, Nuland said, “I would expect that they’ll discuss the full range of issues in front of them.” Europe is also the site for Monday’s Middle East-focused

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Yom Kippur Drill: IDF Simulates War Call-up

“The timing is more than a coincidence and is part of the army’s preparation for the upcoming days in light of changes in the region,” Head of the Operations Division’s Inspection Department, Col. Shlomi Fayer said. “The two divisions were duly found to be highly ready and capable.” A check conducted by the Inspection Department

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Egypt to Boost Gas Prices Israel Pays

The official newspaper Al Ahram reported that, “The final draft related to amending the prices for exporting natural gas to Israel will be completed soon. It will see a big increase in the price.” The flow of gas to Israel has been interrupted six times by sabotage since the fall of Mubarak.  

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Missile Protection for Civilian Aircraft

Called the C-Music, it is designed for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and is expected to be available on the market shortly, having already received the necessary certification from civil aviation authorities around the world, said Adi Dar, general manager of El-Op Ltd., one of the leading electro-optics companies in the world. “We see a

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Israel, Gateway to the Mediterranean

Both ships have a comprehensive program of cruises in the Mediterranean. There is a variety of destinations with cruises lasting several days to two weeks. Presently, some of these destinations include stops such as Barcelona, Venice, Corfu, Athens, Cyprus, Crete, Dubrovnik, Nice, Marseilles, to mention just a few. Various ports in Turkey used to be

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