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Russian President in Landmark Visit to Damascus

However, at a joint press conference with Medvedev, Assad blasted Israel for its belligerent threats and refusal to make peace. Assad also accused Western countries of providing Israel with incentives not to make peace. The former Soviet Union had massively armed Syria, but that turned into a trickle after the end of communist rule. Russia

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Report: Hariri Backs Hizbullah’s Scuds

Hariri reportedly added, “I do not have a dispute with Hizbullah over its ultimate goal of resistance, but I do disagree with the organization on several internal matters.” After being told by the officials that his previous statements on the Scud missiles had angered the Americans, Hariri responded, “I care about my country's interests and

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Infrastructure Work Uncovers Ancient Aqueduct

We were thrilled when it suddenly reappeared in all its grandeur during the course of the archaeological excavations.” Zelinger said, “The route of the low level aqueduct from the time of the Second Temple, beginning at Solomon’s Pools near Bethlehem and ending at the Temple Mount, is well known to scholars. Substantial parts of it

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Peres Sends Assad Message of Peace

The transfer of long-range, precise missiles to the organization is an incitement to war.” Peres said Israel had learned its lesson from the withdrawal from Gaza, which immediately became a hotbed of ammunition. “Many leaders in Israel have promised the Syrians a withdrawal from the Golan Heights for peace, but the Syrians have thwarted all

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Marital Bliss May Keep Men Healthier

For example, it's now common knowledge that a cancer patient with a poor prognosis and a positive outlook, is likely to live longer than someone with a better prognosis but a negative attitude. However, Goldbourt, of Tel Aviv University (TAU), stresses that much more research is needed on the happiness question, including consideration of such

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Fatah Says Will Intensify ‘Popular Struggle’

During a press conference in Ramallah, Fatah Central Committee member, Mahmoud al-Alul, said the faction, which is headed by Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas, plans to escalate its activity against Jewish settlements in the West Bank and the West Bank barrier, as well as against what he called Israel’s attempt to “Judaize” Jerusalem—this in accordance with

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US Politicians Express Support for Israel

AIPAC said the letter received 327 government signatures in less than three days. The letter also noted the recent diplomatic problems, which have centered largely around Israeli construction in Jewish neighborhoods in East Jerusalem. The letter said that between the allies “there will be differences over issues both large and small. Our view is that

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Steinitz: Stabilizing Businesses, Curbing Unemployment First Priority

Knesset Member Moshe Gafni (United Torah Judaism), who heads the committee, promised Steinitz “a difficult debate…you can’t cut taxes for the upper echelons while driving the price of produce up and raising VAT [Value Added Tax, Israeli sales tax], thus increasing the impact on the lower echelons. “The committee,” added Gafni, “will not vote in

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Social Networking Website Posing Security Threat for Israel

Recently, an Israeli citizen complained to the Israel Security Agency that he had been contacted on “Facebook” by a man purporting to be a Lebanese merchant, who asked him to pass along classified information in return for payment. This incident joins many others that have been identified by the security services. Personal information—such as names,

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Israel Tourism April 2009

According to the Central Bureau of Statistics, 222,000 of incoming tourists stayed at least one night in Israel (a decrease of 13% compared to April 2008), and 29,000 were day visitors (a decrease of 17% compared to April 2008). A significant increase was recorded in the number of tourists arriving on cruises—5,200 in April 2009

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