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Israel to Host International Air Show

The conference steering committee comprises Israel's top military, aviation industry and air force brass. “Israel has a wide variety of technologies that have piqued the interest of the global aviation industry, particularly in the area of military applications,” says Ben David. Technologies' vice president Dorit Aldubi Roffe says that the aerospace conference will be one

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Defense Establishment Fears Riots during Ramadan

Taking part in the meeting were representatives from the Foreign Ministry, the Defense Ministry, the Justice Ministry, the Shin Bet, Israeli Police, and Israel Prison Services. Reports were provided regarding heightened agitation in mixed cities, such as Jaffa, Ramla, and Akko following a series of sensitive events touching on Arab-Jewish relations recently. Among the recent

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Iranian Opposition Leader Says US Policy Is Counter-productive

He was quoted as saying that, “On the one hand, the government's mishandling of the economy has resulted in deep recession and increasing inflation inside the country… On the other hand, we have sanctions which are just strengthening the illegitimate government.”  

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Jerusalem Protective Structure to Be Dismantled Due to “Stable Security”

As the security situation has improved, Israel has reversed several protective steps taken during the Intifada, from removing roadblocks to releasing prisoners. With regards to the latest sign that the violence has declined, the IDF said in the press release, “It should be emphasized that the decision to remove the protective structure was made as

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Assad, Iranian FM Discuss “Zionist Threats”

The two also discussed the situation in the Palestinian territories and said efforts should be boosted to put an end to what they called the “Israeli violations” in the Palestinian territories, “and in particular the Judaization of Jerusalem and the expulsion of Palestinians from their lands.” They also said Israel must lift the blockade on

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Fatah Song: Terrorists Were “Heroic” and “Birds of Prey”

The other new examples of the glorification of the terrorist Mughrabi in the PA this past week were also connected to youth. 1. At the closing ceremonies of the PA summer camp for girls in Bethlehem named after Mughrabi, which was first reported by Palestinian Media Watch last week, the children were shown “a play

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Tourist Satisfaction Increases for Israel

According to the survey, 58% of tourists are characterized as Christians and 34% as Jewish. The average stay for tourists is 10 nights, with an average visit cost of US $1,112. More than half of the tourists were repeat visitors. Meanwhile, tourism numbers for 2010 continued to impress, as July set yet another record for

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UN Doesn’t Rule Out Questioning Troops

In a statement to the press, Ban said the panel was “not designed to determine individual criminal responsibility, but to examine and identify the facts, circumstances and the context of the incident, as well as to recommend ways of avoiding future incidents”. On Tuesday evening the four panel members are set to hold their first

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US House Foreign Affairs Committee Freezes Military Aid to Lebanon

Berman used the subsequent incident to prove his point, saying the clash “reinforces the critical need for the United States to conduct an in-depth policy review of its relationship with the Lebanese military.” The Committee’s position is in opposition to Obama administration policy.

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Applause for Clapping Your Hands

“We found that children in the first, second and third grades who sing these songs demonstrate skills absent in children who don't take part in similar activities,” explains Dr. Idit Sulkin a member of BGU's Music Science Lab in the department of the arts. “We also found that children who spontaneously perform hand-clapping songs in

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