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Hamas: Breakthrough in Shalit Talks Possible

The source noted that Hamas was waiting for the results of the mediator’s talks with Israel. He stressed, however, that the Palestinian group was sticking to its stand that Israel must release all prisoners whose names were included in a list handed by the organization if it wants to see Shalit released. According to Hamas,

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PA TV Song: “We Treat the Rifle as a Brother”

Fatah member, university head of Student Council, Qassam Azmouti: “Fatah has not laid down the rifle, despite its call for peace.” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, Jan. 11, 2011] Nabil Shaath, member Fatah Central Committee: “We are aware that at the present time, it is impossible to return to the armed struggle despite its being the right of

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Netanyahu Coalition Hangs in Balance as Barak Quits Labor

“We are leaving a party and a home that we love,” Barak told a news conference in Jerusalem, where he announced that he and four other Knesset [Parliament] lawmakers were leaving Labor to form the Atzmaut, or “independence,” faction. “We have reached the decision that this anomaly in political life, where there were in essence

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IDF: Missiles Expected to Hit Tel Aviv in Next War

The amount of damage in a multi-front war with Hamas, Hizbullah, Syria, and possibly Iran, as described by Zussman, is deeply troubling. The Gush Dan region, which includes Tel Aviv’s1.5 million residents, could be looking at hundreds of casualties and destroyed buildings. This would be a step up from the damage done to civilians in

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US Professors Study the Holocaust on Israel Tour

“This is the third ‘Echoes’ study tour, and each time, participants consistently report that being in Israel to study topics like anti-Semitism and the Holocaust makes an enormous difference,” said Deborah A. Batiste, project director for “Echoes and Reflections”. “With the benefit of first-hand accounts, set against the backdrop of modern-day Israel, professors can better

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Computer Worm Apparent Cause in Iranian Nuke Delay

The Stuxnet attack has so far been partially successful. International inspectors said in late 2009 that 984 machines had been removed from service earlier that year. The report also said that experts believe the malware could be the source for future attacks.    The New York Times reported that Germany and Britain were also listed

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Netanyahu on Tunisia: Hope Calm Will Be Restored

“We need solid security arrangements, because peace can also unravel. There can be governmental changes, and therefore, the government’s policy is to secure arrangements of peace and security that will guarantee stability in case peace unravels,” he said. Minister Silvan Shalom, who was born in Tunisia, said, “For many years, people have said that the

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Water, Water Everywhere and Every Drop to Drink

Sulis Personal Purification Devices (PPDs) are compact and self-contained contraptions that fit onto standard bottles, water taps, and tanks. Using a chlorine tablet to treat organic, biological, and chemical contaminants, Sulis delivers safe drinking water from almost any groundwater source. One unit can purify up to 700 liters (185 gallons) with a shelf life of

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Lebanon: Grenades Hurled at Christian Party’s Office

Sources in Lebanon reported that only one grenade exploded and caused damage, but there were no reports of casualties. Officials were quick to condemn the attack, though it is still unclear whether it was related to the [political] toppling of Prime Minister [PM] Saad Hariri’s government. Hariri met with French President Nicolas Sarkozy in Paris

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Chad President Says Ties with Israel to Begin in Future

Chad, one of the poorest and most corrupt countries in the world, had relations with Israel until they broke them off in the wake of the 1973 Yom Kippur War. Quiet security ties have since been renewed.

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