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Where Do I Know You From?

Similar to faces, bodies are also processed by distinct brain areas. How we perceive faces is not totally intuitive, she says, and therefore raises the question of how this information is combined in our brains to understand how separate face and body areas generate a whole body-image impression. In her research, Yovel has found that

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Netanyahu Becomes First Israeli Prime Minister to Visit Greece

A return to pre-1967 borders and a 24-month timetable to complete the talks and announce Palestinian statehood. Netanyahu denied that his Greek trip was intended to be a dig at Turkey [a rival of Greece], which has become a leading critic of Israel.

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Christian Students to Defend Israel Abroad

[They went] in every prestigious university and college in North America and Europe, with the aim of establishing a non-Jewish support group that will represent the Israeli side in each campus. The lobby, which includes dozens of MKs [members of the Knesset] from all across the political spectrum, is considered one of the most active

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Fatah Leader: Armed Resistance Is Part of Fatah Platform

Rajoub's message echoes the recent pronouncements of former PA Prime Minister Ahmed Qurei and other senior Fatah leaders, as reported last week by Palestinian Media Watch. Below is the transcript of the interview with Rajoub, followed by other statements by PA leaders supporting violence against Israel as a legitimate and even admirable Palestinian option, depending

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Rockets Fired After IDF Kills Jihad Operative in Gaza

The IDF's Spokesperson's Unit said one of the Palestinians killed in the incident was identified as Bassem Dragma, a senior Islamic Jihad operative who took part in the border clash that claimed the lives of Maj. Eliraz Peretz and St.-Sgt. Ilan Sviatkovsky in late March. About two hours after the border incident, two Qassam rockets

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Opinion Poll Finds Support for Nuclear-Armed Iran in Arab World

Among the most striking findings is that US President Obama’s popularity in the Arab world has declined sharply over the past 12 months, and only 20% of those surveyed approve of him now. Last year, following his Cairo speech, 45% of respondents viewed him positively. Professor Telhami said much of the decline in Obama’s ratings

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Damascus-Based Terrorist Organizations Oppose Direct Talks

The statement admonishes that, “Return to direct negotiations is capitulation to the demands of the US and the Zionists, who seek to abolish these rights.”  

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Ministers: We Won’t Accept Quartet Preconditions

The Quartet is comprised of representatives from the United Nations, Russia, the United States and the European Union. The American declaration will apparently not set any preconditions for the launching of direct talks between Israel and the Palestinian Authority. Senior officials in Jerusalem say the Quartet's declaration may be based on a pervious statement issued

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Russia to Begin Iran Nuclear Plant Start-Up Soon

In addition, the plant includes the involvement of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). In light of that, the US expressed a degree of contentment with the Russian announcement, while also pointing out this makes local Iranian nuclear fuel enrichment unnecessary if peaceful nuclear uses are all they want. “I think what is important here

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Israel to Host International Air Show

The conference steering committee comprises Israel's top military, aviation industry and air force brass. “Israel has a wide variety of technologies that have piqued the interest of the global aviation industry, particularly in the area of military applications,” says Ben David. Technologies' vice president Dorit Aldubi Roffe says that the aerospace conference will be one

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