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Can Netanyahu Form a Government before the Clock Strikes Twelve?

Tuesday, 4 May 2021 | As Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s deadline to form a government looms, the likelihood of the incumbent leader retaining his position becomes more and more dubious. At midnight Tuesday, time is up for Netanyahu to negotiate a coalition and stay at the helm of Israel’s Knesset (Parliament). The prime minister’s last

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Palestinians Torch Car Reportedly Used in Drive-by Terror Attack

Tuesday, 4 May 2021 | Palestinians Monday torched a car believed to have been used in Sunday’s drive-by shooting at Tapuach Junction in the northern West Bank [Judea and Samaria] in which three Israelis were wounded. The torching occurred after Palestinian security forces found the vehicle in the West Bank village of Aqraba, southeast of

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Report: Iran Likely behind Cyber Attacks on Israeli Supply Chain Companies

Tuesday, 4 May 2021 | Israeli companies are being targeted by a new wave of cyberattacks, and industry experts say Iran is the likely culprit, the Marker reported on Sunday. Recent incidents have included attacks on the Veritas logistics company and on Match Retail, which is H&M’s representative in Israel. “In both incidents, many figures

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Chinese Embassy Posts, Deletes Anti-Semitic Image on Twitter

Tuesday, 4 May 2021 | The Chinese embassy in Japan recently uploaded, and then deleted, an anti-Semitic image on its official Twitter account. The embassy tweeted on Thursday a cartoon image that showed the United States as the Grim Reaper, dressed in a “Stars and Stripes” outfit, who leaves behind a trail of blood as

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Israelis Under Attack: Two Terror Attacks in A Day

Monday, 3 May 2021 | Israel saw two terror attacks on Sunday amid heightened tensions in the Holy Land that left three young men injured. Three yeshiva (religious school) students were wounded in a drive-by shooting on Sunday at a bus stop in Judea and Samaria. Security footage of the incident shows a car (with

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Abbas Postpones Palestinian Elections, Provoking Rival Hamas

Monday, 3 May 2021 | Palestinian Authority [PA] leader Mahmoud Abbas signaled on Thursday that Palestinian elections, which were scheduled for May 22, would be indefinitely delayed, a move that has angered the Hamas terror group that was preparing to gain from the results. Abbas seemed to blame Israel for not being able to hold

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Israelis of All Sectors Mobilize to Help Meron Victims

Monday, 3 May 2021 | In the face of the worst civilian tragedy in Israeli history, citizens from all sectors—Jews and Arabs, religious and secular—rallied Friday to support the victims of the stampede that claimed 45 lives at a Lag B’Omer celebration on Mount Meron attended mainly by the ultra-Orthodox community. Outside Magen David Adom

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HRW Crosses Line with Apartheid Accusation against Israel

Monday, 3 May 2021 | Human Rights Watch (HRW) has released a report that essentially questions Israel’s right to exist and claims that Israeli authorities are “committing the crimes against humanity of apartheid and persecution.” It comes after Palestinian Authority [PA] leader Mahmoud Abbas said earlier this month that Israel is on the path to

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Dozens Killed in Worst Peacetime Tragedy in Israel’s History

Friday, 30 April 2021 | Israel was plunged into mourning as dozens of people—including small children—were killed and hundreds more injured in a mass stampede at a religious gathering early this morning in what is being described as the worst peacetime tragedy in the history of the modern state. The deadly crush occurred at the

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Israel: US, Iran May Reach New Nuclear Deal within Weeks

Friday, 30 April 2021 | Israel’s Permanent Representative to the United Nations and Ambassador to the United States Gilad Erdan said on Thursday he estimated that the ongoing negotiations between the US and Iran to revive the 2015 nuclear agreement will lead to both parties striking a new deal within weeks. “I say it with

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