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First Jewish UK Ambassador to Israel Presents Credentials

“One of my missions—it’s a personal mission but also under the instructions of my prime minister and foreign secretary—is that I should promote and develop the very, very close working relationship which we have in dealing with the threat of Iran,” said Gould. The UK has been a vocal leader in Europe in opposing the

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Nazareth Imam Suspected of Aiding Terror Group

Later in the day the two suspects are expected to attend a hearing at the Nazareth Magistrates' Court on the extension of their remand. Two more affairs involving Arab-Israelis who are suspected of committing security offences have been made public recently. Last week two Israeli Arabs, residents of Shfaram and Umm al-Fahm, were indicted for

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Israelis Join Komen for the Cure

“In terms of research and development, Israel is in the top five countries in the world—medically way more advanced than any other country,” event coordinator Rena Riger informs ISRAEL21c. “If it is caught and treated early, the breast cancer survival rate in Israel is 92%.” At the same time, breast cancer in Israel remains the

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Prospective Ahmadinejad Visit to Lebanon Criticized

Crowley later further elaborated on their views of the visit, saying, “We don’t think that his travel to that part of Lebanon is a good idea. But again, what he does within that country is up to the Lebanese Government.” Though Iran is an enemy of the US, Lebanon has enjoyed a degree of American

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Report: 2 Years Left for Solution to Iranian Threat

Furthermore, the newspaper said Israel would almost certainly not wait for the US if Iran goes beyond the “point of no return.” A poll conducted by the German Marshall Fund reveals that some 68% of Americans and 58% of French citizens prefer military action over accepting a nuclear Iran. This data reflects the growing pressure

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UK, Spain Withdraw from Tourism Conference in Jerusalem

While Israel chose not to move the conference to Tel Aviv, they decided to comply with the request not to bring delegates into East Jerusalem. They even decided to refrain from mentioning that area of the city during the conference.    Despite this, Misezhnikov accused the Palestinians of urging OECD members not to send their

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Jerusalem to Get New Skateboard Park

According to plans, the new park will serve up to 70 skaters at once, and will be suitable for national and international competitions.

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Report: Netanyahu Sets Terms for Freeze Extension

The reports added that Netanyahu asked the Americans to help him deal with the broad political opposition he is likely to face on the matter. The prime minister, said the newspaper, explained to the Americans that he would need a benefits package to show his cabinet, if he is to garner their support for the

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Israeli Tourism teams up with the iPhone

The iPhone application launched in English and Hebrew, with additional languages set to come. The Tourism Ministry also hopes to soon include broader information in the application such as public transport, gas stations and more. Said Tourism Minister Stas Misezhnikov in the press release, “The Tourism Ministry continues to lead the service revolution for the

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Face-off in Lebanon

“The Beirut airport was turned into one of Hizbullah’s security quarters,” an anonymous member of Lebanese Prime Minister Sa’ad A-Din Al-Hariri March 14 Alliance told the Arab daily A-Sharq Al-Awsat. “This dangerously revealed airport security.” “Seeing the airport incident, it is clear that Hizbullah has decided to attack the regime,” Ghazi Youssef, a parliament member

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