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A Year of Crisis


Lebanese Prime Minister’s First White House Visit on Monday

The Daily Star in Beirut is reporting that Al-Hariri will ask the American administration to pressure Israel into halting its accusations about the Syrian Scud missiles being sent to Hizbullah. But on Friday [May 21] the U.N. Special Coordinator for Lebanon told reporters in Beirut that he’s concerned about the issue of Hizbullah’s arsenal and

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Popular Jewish Museum of Berlin to Get Extension

The extension, opposite the current site in central Berlin, is to be designed by the New York architect Daniel Libeskind, who already produced the zigzag metal construction of the current museum. For the extension, a large warehouse currently housing a flower market will be converted. The new extension is due to open in late 2011.

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Vidgets May Transform Your On-Line Viewing Experience

A vidget, Tsachi Sofer, AttracTV CEO, tells ISRAEL21c, may be a small screen pop-up that instantly provides viewers of a basketball game with statistics like their team’s standings, top scorers in the game, and even instant replays. A vidget can be an on-screen interface for Twitter, which parses tweets from other Twitter users watching the

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Kassam Explodes Near Ashkelon; No Injuries

“The army sees Hamas as being solely responsible for the goings on in Gaza,” the IDF (Israel Defense Forces) Spokesperson’s Unit said in a statement. There were no reports of injury from the Palestinians. Last month the Hamas government in Gaza convened the armed Palestinian factions and demanded that they halt the rocket fire so as

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New UK Government Leans Pro-Israel, But Uncertainty Remains

Another wild card is the minor partner in the coalition government, the Liberal Democrats, the least supportive of Israel among the UK’s three major parties. The Liberal Democrats’ role is expected to be marginalized with regards to foreign policy according to Rynhold. However, the issue of universal jurisdiction in the UK is one where domestic

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Settlers: PA Boycott—Economic Terror

Israel must use the Palestinian Authority’s funds in its possession to compensate the boycotted factories.” The Yesha Council urged Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu to declare that he would not take part in the proximity talks with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, who the settlers say is leading “economic terror” against Israel. The Council added that

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150-Year-Old European Gold Coin Found in Israel

“The discovery of gold coins during archaeological excavations is a rare occurrence. This is the first time that such a coin was found in an excavation in Yafo,” said Kool. “However, we know that European gold coins were common in the Ottoman Empire [which once included the land of Israel] which suffered a severe financial

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Iran Agrees to Swap Enriched Uranium for Foreign Material

Despite the announcement, an Iranian foreign ministry official reiterated that Iran would continue enriching its own uranium to 20%, a move experts feared would put it closer to making nuclear weapons. It remains to be seen if this change in Iranian policy will ease international concerns over Iran’s quest for nuclear weapons and US-led efforts

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Israel Refuses Russian Call to Include Hamas in Peace Process

The Foreign Ministry statement drew a link between Hamas’ terrorism and the Chechen terrorism that has afflicted Russia, saying Hamas leader Mashal is the same as a former Chechen leader. Said the statement, “It is totally unacceptable for enlightened nations to divide terrorists into ‘good’ and ‘bad’ according to some geographical division. Terrorists are terrorists,

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An Artificial Eye on Your Driving

Research shows that a rapid alert system can help mitigate the risks, fatalities and severe injuries from road accidents, says Avidan, an expert in image processing. Avidan and his team are working to develop advanced algorithms that will help cameras mounted on GM cars detect threats, alerting drivers to make split-second decisions. Avidan says the

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