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Influx of Jews Fleeing Russia


Israel Uses Twitter to Update Public on Peace Trip

Said Netanyahu in the Prime Minister’s Office press release, “Today, social media channels are more vital than ever for Israel's public diplomacy efforts, for administrative transparency and for providing citizens with updated information.” Among other things, the Twitter feed on Tuesday [August 31] included updates on Netanyahu’s arrival in the US and some of his

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Fayyad: Palestinians Will Be Prepared to Establish State in A Year

The Palestinian PM stressed that the plan's second year will focus on such issues as separation of powers, transparency, bolstering the rule of law and completing the establishment of government bodies. Speaking in Ramallah, Fayyad admitted that the PA is in dire financial straits and said the leadership will work towards reducing its dependency on

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Iran Bank Withdraws Assets from Europe

The US and EU have imposed tough sanctions on business with Iran, with leading Iranian banks being targeted due to alleged financing of weapons proliferation. Bahmani said the main strategy for dealing with international sanctions was to reduce the consumption of imported goods.

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Palestinian Minister Threatens War over Jerusalem

PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas was present in the audience while Habbash made these statements. The following is the excerpt from the Friday sermon from the mosque at Mahmoud Abbas's office in Ramallah broadcast on PA TV: Speaker: Mahmoud Al-Habbash, PA Minister of Religious Affairs PA Chairman Mahmoud Abbas is in the audience. “Jerusalem is not

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Chance of 4.2 Billion Barrels of Oil under Gas

The Leviathan partners caution that it is premature to decide whether to drill wells into the two deep [oil] structures, and that a decision will be made after critical information is obtained during the drilling of Leviathan's natural gas structure. That well is scheduled for late October. The partners also announced the development plan for

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Report: Egypt Seizes Anti-Aircraft Missiles, Explosives in Sinai

The sources added that three men accused of smuggling weapons into Gaza were detained in Sheikh Zuwayid, a city near Gaza's southern border. Egypt announced on Saturday [August 28] that it located weapons caches containing 190 anti-aircraft missiles and various weaponry. It was also reported that Egypt destroyed 12 smuggling tunnels.

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Shalit Spends Another Birthday in Captivity

“Unfortunately, judging by their lack of action and reporting on his captivity, most NGOs do not deem Gilad Shalit worthy of significant efforts and resources,” said NGO Monitor President Prof. Gerald Steinberg in the press release. “He has now been held by Hamas in Gaza for over four years, without access to the International Committee

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Lieberman: Construction Should Resume when Freeze Ends

The Israeli daily Ha’aretz is reporting that Deputy Prime Minister Dan Meridor has put forward a proposal that Israel resume construction in large Jewish communities and areas along the separation barrier, which Israel believes are likely to formally become part of Israel after a peace deal is signed, while extending the construction freeze in isolated

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Report: Turkey Tells US Will Maintain Friendly Ties With Israel

The diplomat noted that the flotilla affair was Israel's first such experience with a friendly nation, which increased the shock. He stressed that the incident does not affect Turkey's ties with Israel or the Jewish people, but with the Israeli government. Turkey has demanded Israel apologize and compensate the victims' families. Turkish sources said that

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PA and Abbas Honor Terrorist Planner of Olympics Massacre

The PA daily reports that Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and Prime Minister Salam Fayyad were at the funeral, where “a red carpet was laid out for the arrival of the body, and the military band played the final farewell melody.” The following are three articles in the official PA daily, describing the honoring of the terrorist

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