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Food Needs Dramatically Increase


Census: 7,645,000 People in Israel

About 27,000 migrant workers entered Israel last year, mainly from Thailand, the Philippines and the former Soviet Union. Approximately 23,000 migrant workers who had arrived in previous years left in 2009. Israel's population is young relative to other western countries. In 2009 nearly 28% of the population was aged 0–14, compared to the 17% average

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Israel Responds to “Security Incidents”

The IDF said the Gaza terror tunnel that was targeted was “intended for infiltrating into Israel and executing terror attacks against IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.” The Israeli military response acts as evidence that the IDF will not let terror go unchecked during the current round of peace talks. The previous round of direct peace

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A Blood-Shy, Blood Cancer Warrior

As opposed to conventional chemotherapy drugs, which are non-specific and toxic to normal cells, Shoshan-Barmatz's therapeutic peptides have great potential to vanquish diseased cells while avoiding the serious side effects of conventional chemotherapy. The development of the peptide last year also gained her a slot as one of the 50 most influential women in Israel

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Leaders Convey “Sense of Readiness” by Arabs for Peace

“In my estimation, this sense stems both from an understanding of the significance of the alternatives and from the recognition that they simply must make peace with Israel.” The next round of talks with the Palestinians is expected to take place September 14–15. Netanyahu noted that in order to succeed this time, they need to

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Video: Blast at Hizbullah Arms Cache

Hizbullah blocked the Lebanese military and UNIFIL [United Nations Interim Force in Lebanon] from arriving at the scene until after the remaining weapons were relocated. It is believed that various kinds of rockets were stored in the warehouse, from short-range, 107mm rockets, to medium-range, 122mm rockets.    The warehouse in question was a significant Hizbullah

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Abbas Tells Ahmadinejad to Mind His Business

On Friday [September 3], Ahmadinejad said that, “The fate of Palestine will be determined in Palestine via Palestinian resistance, not in Washington.”    

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Tony Blair Memoir: Prepare for Strike on Iran

Promoting his new memoirs, A Journey, Blair told the BBC there was no other alternative. Blair said he believed it was “wholly unacceptable for Iran to have a nuclear weapons capability and I think we have got to be prepared to confront them, if necessary militarily…I think there is no alternative to that if they

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Direct Peace Talks Begin Again

The resumption of talks comes one day after Netanyahu said, in comments posted on the White House Web site, that he came looking for a “historic compromise” that enables the sides to live in peace, security and dignity. On Thursday, Netanyahu again said he saw in Abbas a “partner for peace” and noted that “a

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Heat Causes Hike in Produce Prices Ahead of Holidays

“This year, even in the winter there were heat waves that caused the blooms to fall off, and fruits and vegetables were not created.” The fruits to suffer the most from the heat are summer fruits such as grapes, plums and apricots, and sensitive vegetables such as cucumbers and peppers. Tomatoes are also being affected

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Another West Bank Shooting: 2 Israelis Hurt

The two shooting victims in Wednesday’s attack were a man [Moshe], who sustained moderate wounds, and a woman [Shira], who was lightly hurt—both in their 30s. Magen David Adom officials said the wounded man sustained leg injuries, while the woman suffered from blows as a result of the vehicle overturning. Their vehicle, which was attacked

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