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Israeli Doctors Bring Sight to the Blind in Africa

The local department in that area of Cameroon does just 100 such operations a year. Dr. Berger, who spoke with Bridges for Peace, said it is exciting to treat patients who “really don’t have other chances.” Professor Benjamin Miller, the head of the Rambam Ophthalmology Department, also spoke with Bridges for Peace and said that

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Atomic Watchdog Convenes in Vienna for Week-long Meeting

Following the 35-member board’s week-long session, the IAEA will convene its general conference on September 20th, where in addition to the Iranian situation, western diplomats will spar with Arab delegates determined to introduce resolutions aimed at Israel’s nuclear program.

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Rosh Hashana Begins Tonight

Due to the holiday, Bridges for Peace will not be updating their Web site for the remainder of this week. We here at Bridges for Peace would like to wish all our readers, listeners and supporters the traditional Hebrew blessing for Rosh Hashana, “Shana Tova”—Have a good year.

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Iran Continues to Limit Cooperation with Nuclear Inspectors

The IAEA denied any wrongdoing on the part of their inspectors. The New York Times also pointed out that the barring of the inspectors appeared to be a reaction to additional United Nations sanctions against Iran and that Iran has allowed some other inspectors to enter. The IAEA said in its report that since August

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Netanyahu: “Peace Not at Any Price” in New Year Greeting

“We advanced important reforms in order to lower the apartment prices, to pave a new road and high–speed rail system to the Galilee and the Negev. Go to the Galilee, go to the Negev, and see the revolution in full force. However, I wish to clarify that the global financial crisis is still not behind

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Lebanon’s Prime Minister Defends Syria in Assassination of His

A United Nations tribunal is due to release its findings in the case, and it is expected that Syrian-ally Hizbullah will be implicated. Hizbullah sits in the Lebanese government despite its vast arsenal and armed force that exist counter to resolutions of the UN Security Council.

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Census: 7,645,000 People in Israel

About 27,000 migrant workers entered Israel last year, mainly from Thailand, the Philippines and the former Soviet Union. Approximately 23,000 migrant workers who had arrived in previous years left in 2009. Israel's population is young relative to other western countries. In 2009 nearly 28% of the population was aged 0–14, compared to the 17% average

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Israel Responds to “Security Incidents”

The IDF said the Gaza terror tunnel that was targeted was “intended for infiltrating into Israel and executing terror attacks against IDF soldiers and Israeli civilians.” The Israeli military response acts as evidence that the IDF will not let terror go unchecked during the current round of peace talks. The previous round of direct peace

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A Blood-Shy, Blood Cancer Warrior

As opposed to conventional chemotherapy drugs, which are non-specific and toxic to normal cells, Shoshan-Barmatz's therapeutic peptides have great potential to vanquish diseased cells while avoiding the serious side effects of conventional chemotherapy. The development of the peptide last year also gained her a slot as one of the 50 most influential women in Israel

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Leaders Convey “Sense of Readiness” by Arabs for Peace

“In my estimation, this sense stems both from an understanding of the significance of the alternatives and from the recognition that they simply must make peace with Israel.” The next round of talks with the Palestinians is expected to take place September 14–15. Netanyahu noted that in order to succeed this time, they need to

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