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Food Needs Dramatically Increase


Common Childhood Illness Linked to Compulsive Disorder

It was already well known that untreated childhood strep throat can lead to chronic heart and joint problems. The bulk of the research was conducted by Joel's doctoral student, Lior Brimberg, in collaboration with Professor Madeleine W. Cunningham of the University of Oklahoma. Cunningham is the world's leading specialist in strep-related heart disease. Joel and

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Israel Kills Radical Terror Leader

The statement did not specify when or if the attack had been carried out. The New York Times reported that Hamas officials said Namnam was killed in his car in Gaza City by a missile fired from an Israeli drone aircraft. The IDF statement did not specify how Namnam was killed. Active in the Gaza

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Netanyahu “Ready to Resume Work with Obama”

The officials noted that President Obama will most likely continue pressuring Israel to jumpstart direct talks with the Palestinians, including an extension on the construction freeze in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria]. Meanwhile, the PM’s Office denounced [Israeli] opposition leader Tzipi Livni's remarks, in which she implied that governmental echelons in Jerusalem welcomed Obama's

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Nigerian Weapons Haul Shows Lengths Iran Will Go to Supply Hamas

“It’s getting harder to obtain the weapons, so they’re using all types of funny places,” Martin van Creveld, a retired professor of military history at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, told The Media Line. “They find a place that is so messy, they can get through, and Nigeria apparently wasn’t messy enough.” As Hamas’ main

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Election Results May Impact US–Israel Ties

Ettinger—who was minister for Congressional Affairs at Israel's Embassy in Washington and is currently the CEO of Second Thought, an US–Israeli initiative that researches national security aspects of Judea and Samaria [the West Bank]—said Israel needs to recognize and act on the power wielded by Congress. As some of his examples, Ettinger pointed to Congressional

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Poll: Gazans Disappointed with Hamas

As for Hamas' security forces in Gaza, 32.6% of the respondents described their performance as poor, 29.3% defined the forces' performance as mediocre, and the same number of people said they were pleased with the work of Hamas' security forces.  Asked about Hamas' government offices, 34.5% described their performance level as poor, 30.5% said it

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Palestinians Cancel Israeli-led Journalist Event

MediaCentral pointed out that the tour had been coordinated with Palestinian Authority Tourism Minister Dr. Kholoud Daibis before the PA canceled it. The tour was to include a briefing with Dr. Daibis. In the email, Aryeh Green, director of MediaCentral, released a statement in response: “In four years of providing professional, credible services to the

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Intelligence Chief: Don’t Be Fooled by Calm

November 3, 2010

“These are fairly inexpensive missiles compared to the [advanced] S-300, but they are no less lethal or effective,” Yadlin said. The MI chief also warned that the Russians are renovating old Syrian weapons systems. “Syria is engaged in a very intense campaign to procure highly advanced weapons, so advanced, in fact, that anything that comes

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Cape Town Opera Rejects Call to Boycott Israel

Williams went on to emphasize the importance of the “transformative power of the arts,” believing their production should “provide food for thought for audiences in Israel.” The opera’s statement noted that they also welcomed the opportunity to perform in what they called “Palestine,” although officially there is no such nation. Said the statement, “Cape Town

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Northern Israel Called “Occupied Territories” on PA TV Kids Program

In the Golan Heights, the children are told by the Israeli Arab guide that they are “at the exact border between Palestine and Syria,” again portraying a world in which Israel doesn't exist and is replaced by “Palestine.” As Palestinian Media Watch has reported, teaching children that all of Israel is “Palestine,” “1948 lands,” and

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