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A Year of Crisis


South American Nations Recognize Palestinian State

Despite the fact that Palestinians have threatened to go to the United Nations for statehood recognition outside of peace talks with Israel, the Brazilians do not think their recognition showed opposition to a negotiated deal. Said the press statement, “The conviction that negotiations between Israel and Palestine are vital for the achievement of mutual concessions

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IDF: Hizbullah to Take over Lebanon, Dozens Will Die

Adler presented a possible scenario of Lebanon the day after the report was published: “Dozens will be killed when Hizbullah uses force and takes over government institutions. In this case, there is a chance that the tensions would trickle in Israel's direction. “Even though it has been four years since the end of the last

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Egypt Votes in Second Round of Elections without Opposition Candidates

Many who had believed the Muslim Brotherhood candidates would win at least some seats were surprised by the NDP sweep. Egyptians who looked to the United States to pressure Mubarak into liberalizing the election and making strides toward democracy were disappointed with the weak statement of “dismay” from Washington. Contested seats in Sunday’s run-off elections

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Carmel Fire May Cost Over NIS 300 Million

“Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu instructed us to remove these mobile homes within 60 days, so that they do not become permanent housing solutions,” he said. The cabinet secretary added that governmental teams will be in charge of mapping the scope of the damage. “Some of those whose property was damaged are covered by insurance companies,

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Iran Responds to Leaked Cables Showing Arab Concerns

Among the Wikileaks disclosures were a number of cables quoting concerns about Iran expressed by Arab nations and specific instances of Arab leaders urging the United States to take military action to end the Iranian nuclear program.  

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Israeli Companies Meet the GE Challenge

“We launched the Challenge to encourage new thinking and spur innovation at every level of development,” says Beth Comstock, senior vice president and chief marketing officer for GE. “The first step toward modernizing our grid is to uncover ideas and transform them into game-changing technologies and the Challenge has demonstrated that many great ideas exist

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Carmel Fire Fully Extinguished

Ynet brings you a summary of the national disaster, minute after minute: Thursday, December 2 12:02 pm, Big forest fire breaks out near Usfiya. No injuries reported, but fire threatens houses. Many firefighting teams dispatched to area. 12:38, Firefighters evacuate prisoners from Damon Prison. 1:06, Firefighters evacuate Beit Oren and the Carmel Forest spa resort.

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Hamas is Willing to Accept Palestinian Referendum on Deal with Israel

The new policy is significant because it veers away from the Hamas charter which lays claim to all land, including that which is the state of Israel; and because it appears to be a major step toward reconciliation with Fatah.   Ending the bifurcation between the Hamas-controlled Gaza and Fatah-controlled West Bank [Judea and Samaria]

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A Revolution in Glasses Is Underway

Eyeglasses, as they are used today, are not ideal solutions he says, because what you gain in eyesight magnification you lose in clarity and focus. It's a problem that has plagued generations of eyeglass wearers, but Zalevsky believes he has found a better way. “Spectacles” have been around for at least 700 years by most

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International Fire-fighting Aid Coming to Israel

The Jerusalem Post reported that assistance is also set to come from Britain, Russia, Egypt, Azerbaijan, Romania, Jordan and Bulgaria. The Israeli Ministry of Foreign Affairs said in a statement on their Web site that they are “in contact with almost all European countries, and with Middle Eastern states regarding assistance in extinguishing the blaze.

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