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Iran Defector: Huge Iranian Attack on Israel Inevitable

The former Iranian agent spied on Iran for the US for ten years before fleeing to America after the 9/11 attacks.    

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Eiland Report Finds “Mistakes, But No Failures”

Analysis of the incident that occurred onboard the Turkish Marmara—the report says—led the committee to conclude that the activists on deck had been the first instigators of violence. At least four instances of live fire on soldiers were noted, though the committee believes there were six in all. In addition, a bullet removed from a

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Written Document Is Oldest Ever Found in Jerusalem

Details of the discovery appear in the current issue of the 'Israel Exploration Journal.” Excavations in the Ophel have been conducted by Dr. Eilat Mazar of the Hebrew University Institute of Archaeology. The fragment that has been found is 2×2.8 centimeters in size and one centimeter thick. Dated to the 14th century BCE, it appears

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Eyes on Libyan Ship Intent on Running Gaza Blockade

The Greek government said on Saturday [July 10] that it had reached an agreement with the ship’s sponsors to sail on through to the Egyptian port of Al-Arish rather than to challenge Israel’s resolve to inspect ships headed for Gaza. But conflicting reports from Libya indicate the ship is determined to dock at Gaza’s port,

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Jewish Senator May Mediate Israel–Syria Talks

There have been no clear signs that his presence will lead to talks, but officials say the fact that he was invited to Syria, and that he passed through Jerusalem on his way, signifies a change in Syrian policy. Specter recently lost the Democratic primaries after 5 terms (30 years) as Pennsylvania's senator. In fact,

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Netanyahu—Peace Deal Possible within One Year

Despite that optimism, Netanyahu later said in an interview with Fox News on Sunday, July 11, that he did not think an agreement could be implemented by 2012. When asked by host Chris Wallace if there can be a Palestinian state by 2012, Netanyahu said, “I think there can be a solution. It may be

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Netanyahu to CNN: I’m Prepared to Discuss Future of Settlements

Netanyahu was interviewed a day after a fence-mending meeting with President Barack Obama at the White House, where the Israeli leader repeated a call for a restart of peace negotiations with Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas. “And I use this forum today, on the 'Larry King' show, to say, President Abbas, meet me, and let's talk

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Top US Senators: Military Options Against Iran Definitely on the Table

“The Iranians continue to express their commitment to development of nuclear weapons which obviously has the most serious consequences, both for the State of Israel, the United States of America, peace in the world and stability in the entire region,” McCain said. McCain, who was defeated by President Barack Obama in the 2008 US presidential

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100-Year-Old Turkish Grenade Found in Jerusalem

As for what the grenade was doing in the wall, Yoram Saad, head of the Implementation Branch of the IAA Conservation Department, said in the press release, “The stone was partially crushed and someone probably chose it as a place to hide the hand grenade.” Even at 100 years old, the grenade is a relatively

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IDF Reveals Hizbullah’s Deployment

Colonel Marley added that the Hizbullah has recently been collecting intelligence on IDF forces, and sometimes operates in civilian guise. The organization was also engaged in infrastructure works that would prepare it for future fighting. A senior military source claimed that increased cooperation between Iran, Syria and Hizbullah is giving them an operational advantage and

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