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Reaching Out in Love to Widows and Orphans


“Jewish Boat” Peacefully Boarded by Israeli Commandoes

The Israeli navy contends that in the case of Jewish activists, preventing them from reaching [Hamas-run] Gaza is out of concern for their safety as well as enforcement of the blockade. At Ashdod, its cargo will be off-loaded after which the ship will be sent back to its port of origin. As with past Gaza-bound

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In Space the Costs Are High, the Rewards Higher

Israel first began looking towards space following the peace treaty with Egypt in 1979. Israel could no longer send aircraft over Egyptian territory to monitor activities in the Sinai desert, so the country decided to use space satellites. US reconnaissance satellites were not for sale, so Israel had to build its own. In 1982, the

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Lieberman Tells UN Chief Freeze Just Excuse for Abbas

After Abbas announced he is awaiting the upcoming meeting of the Arab League at the beginning of October [to decide whether or not to continue the peace talks in light of the settlement issue], Lieberman asserted, “If the Arab League is seeking challenges to deal with, there are many in the Arab world. Hundreds of

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Song of Violence and Death Repeated Seven Times on PA TV

Since then, PA TV has chosen to rebroadcast it six more times: June 24, July 9, July 13, July 16, July 20 and again last week. The Sept. 21st broadcast also included an interview with the writer of the song. “From my wounds, my weapon has emerged. Oh, our revolution, my weapon has emerged. There

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West Bank Shooting Victim Gives Birth to Son

The incident, during which the woman's husband was lightly injured, occurred just a few hours before the [Israeli] settlement construction moratorium was due to expire. The couple is from the West Bank settlement of Teneh Omarim, which is just outside Mount Hebron. Thirty-five-year-old Netta Zucker and her husband Sharon, also 35, continued driving to the

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Anti-Israel Nuclear Resolution Defeated

The victory against the Arab-led resolution against Israel is a rare bright spot for Israel in international forums in recent days. Last year a similar IAEA resolution passed in a narrow 49-45 vote. Amidst the Arab-intent to force Israel into the nuclear treaty, the Israelis worked hard in diplomatic efforts leading up to the vote

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Fatah and Hamas Take Another Shot at Reconciliation

Fatah has already signed an agreement mediated by Egypt while Hamas has refused to do so. Hamas forcibly took control of the Gaza Strip from Fatah in 2007, creating a bifurcated Palestinian entity. With the clock ticking toward statehood, reuniting the two warring factions has become the Palestinians’ primary internal priority. 

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Killing Cancer, Without Killing Healthy Cells

Founded originally by neurologist Ilan Ziv in 1997 and chaired today by Eli Horovitz—the former CEO of Teva Pharmaceuticals—Aposense takes a two pronged approach, says CEO Yoram Asheri—diagnostic and therapeutic platforms. “The technology is manifest in a family of small molecules, which when injected into the body can identify cells in apoptosis,” Asheri tells ISRAEL21c.

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“Hamas Planned to Nab Shooting Victims’ Bodies”

According to the weekly's sources, the cell was also ordered to take photos of the scene and grab the victims’ IDs, as proof of the “abduction,” which was to be used as leverage in negotiations regarding the release of Palestinian prisoners. Al-Ahram further alleged that Hamas intended to prompt the Israel Defence Forces (IDF) not

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Non-Jewish Lobby for Israel Reaches Washington

Aznar told reporters that the group “is not tied to the government of Israel” and that its members are free to disagree with Israeli policy. But the group shares a belief in “the strategic value of Israel for all of us…not as a Middle Eastern country, but a Western country in the Middle East.”  

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