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Food Needs Dramatically Increase


“Palestine Is Big”—Palestinians Say It Includes All of Israel

[Note the PMW editorial comments added.] 1. The Israeli city of Tiberias was said to be “in northern Palestine, close to the Palestinian–Jordanian–Syrian border.” (“Palestine” could not share a border with Syria unless Israel did not exist. Tiberias is in northern Israel and not “northern Palestine.”) 2. The coast of “Palestine” was said in an

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No-Fail, Painless Injections

With a no-fail, painless applicator that never misses its mark, and its pre-measured patches, the ViaDerm system “is ideal for a wide range of medications and treatments,” says Dr. Daphna Heffetz, TransPharma's CEO. The genius of the ViaDerm system is in its use of basic principles of diffusion to push medication into the bloodstream. Most

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“Syria Refused to Join War against Israel”

The quoted diplomatic source claimed the Iranians told their Syrian counterparts that it was not a question of will Israel attack, but rather a question of when it will attack. Damascus told the Iranians in response not to expect Syria, Hizbullah, or Hamas to take part in this war. According to the source, Syrian officials

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Israel’s Yemin Orde Youth Village Rises from the Ashes

His home as well as two-dozen houses, classrooms, the library and dormitories went up in flames. “We saw the fire ball approaching, and they came and took us out of here. I knew deep inside then that this place was going to burn down,” Tamayet, a father of five, told The Media Line. “All my

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Israel Sends UN Complaint over Gaza Rockets

“Israel holds the de facto authority in the Gaza Strip [Hamas] completely responsible for all of these incidents, which are carried out in clear violation of international law. In response to such attacks, Israel has exercised and will continue to exercise its right to self-defense.”   A copy of the letter was also sent to

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Israeli Heritage Funds Will Aid Three Sites in Post-1967 Area

There are 147 sites on the list that fall inside of pre-1967 Israel [and therefore not controversial]. Israeli officials defend the plan as being unrelated to diplomatic issues, while the Palestinians argue that it constitutes confiscation of land.  

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More Immigrants among Entrepreneurs

Some 30 senior researchers, university chiefs, technology center managers, and investors from throughout Russia took part in the convention. The technologies presented at the convention focused, among other things, on alternative energy sources, production of the next generation of electric engine batteries, and more. “51% of total Israeli exports are technological exports” said Valdberg. “That

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Israel Fights Recognition of Palestinian State

An increasing number of ambassadors and representatives of Latin American states have been walking the corridors of the [Israeli] Foreign Ministry in recent weeks. One after the other, like a red wave, they have come to meet with senior figures and diplomats. Some are “welcomed” with admonishments and protest, while some are heaped with praise—depending

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UN Ambassadors Urged to Vote Down Commemoration for Anti-Israel Conference

December 22, 2010

In the letter, the World Jewish Congress leaders said: “We all too acutely remember the shock of 9/11, and the irony of it following immediately after Durban I was not lost on New Yorkers. A so-called commemoration of Durban I at the United Nations in New York in September 2011 would echo the outrage and

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Four Million Holocaust Victims Now Identified

“The Germans sought not only to destroy the Jews, but to obliterate any memory of them. One of Yad Vashem's central missions since its foundation, the recovery of each and every victim's name and personal story, has resulted in relentless efforts to restore the names and identities of as many of the six million Jews

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