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IDF Training Base Goes Green

There will also be motion detectors to switch off lights in rooms where there is no movement detected; also all lights have been replaced by energy saving bulbs.  Together, these improvements should cut electricity consumption by about 30%. Sewage infrastructure will be improved on all bases to avoid any waste being absorbed into the ground.

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Iran Refuses to Discuss Nuclear Program, for Now

Javanfekr also said they would be “ready for negotiations” if the P5+1 “clearly” addresses several issues, including Israel’s reported nuclear weapons. Israeli policy is to neither confirm nor deny their possession of nuclear weapons. The Israeli approach has been generally supported by the US and so far does not place Israel under any serious international

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Turkey Security Chiefs Cite Israel as National Threat

Analysts have said Prime Minister Tayyip Erdogan, who leads a mildly Islamic party, may be using the Red Book as a means of convincing his secular nationalist opponents into adopting his hostile attitude toward Israel.

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West Bank Terrorists Target Israeli Vehicle

More than a month ago, an Israeli couple sustained wounds in a shooting attack in the south Mount Hebron area. The woman hurt in that attack was at late stages of pregnancy and gave birth the same night at the hospital. In late August, four Israelis were murdered in a West Bank [Judea and Samaria]

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US Working on New Nuclear Proposal to Iran

This was to come in exchange for Iran handing over most of its enriched uranium stockpile, which if enriched to military grade, could be used for nuclear weapons. That original offer sought to grant Iran needed civilian research resources while buying the West more time by reducing Iran’s nuclear stockpile to less than what is

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Lebanon to Start Drilling for Gas Offshore

The government also announced it would soon be offering tenders to drill for offshore hydrocarbons near Israeli territorial waters. Israel has already discovered vast quantities of natural gas off its Mediterranean coast, including areas that Lebanon in the past has claimed belong to it.  According to the Israeli daily Ma’ariv, a number of Iranian firms

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In a Forest Fire, the First Minutes Are Vital

“We had a very dry and hot winter, and afterward, the hottest summer on record. We are approaching 10,000 acres burned. That's three times the average,” says Tzoref, who is supervisor of forest fire prevention, firefighting and replanting for 40,000 acres of trees in the Jerusalem Forest, Jerusalem mountains and coastal plain. Forests cover 10%

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Abbas Displays Map of “Palestine” that Erases Israel

As Palestinian Media Watch reported, last year Abbas held up a similar political map that presented a world without Israel. It included the PA flag above the entire land of Israel, and was titled “Palestine.” It named all the neighboring states in English—Lebanon, Syria, Jordan Egypt”—but failed to mention Israel. On Abbas's maps there is

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Syria’s Assad Says United States Sowing Chaos

Saad Hariri, the current Lebanese prime minister [and the son of the murdered former prime minister], has reportedly praised Assad’s remarks, particularly his comments describing the younger Hariri as the right person for Lebanon. In Washington, State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley charged that Syria is destabilizing Lebanon by supplying arms to militants and issuing arrest

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Exchange Program of Jewish and Christian Students from New York and Berlin

The program is a collaborative effort between the North American Board of Rabbis, the World Jewish Congress, the City of Berlin and the German Foreign Ministry, facilitated in New York by Temple Israel of Lawrence. Its honorary chairman is Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit. It came about as a result of a mission of rabbis from

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