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Israel—Possible to Reach Peace Deal in One Year

Regev went on to list three essential elements to a deal for Israel: An effective security framework and guarantees, such as demilitarization of the Palestinian state, that “will prevent territory that is being vacated from being used as territory from which people will attack Israel;” Palestinian recognition of Israel as the legitimate nation-state of the

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Finance Ministry Has Optimistic Forecast

Wage gaps are also expected to diminish for the first time in years. Following harsh criticism of the bloated salaries of senior executives and due to the economic crisis, salaries of some top CEOs have been reduced while others have been raised only modestly. In addition, the salaries of blue-collar workers have gone up. The

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Two Major Finds in Goliath’s Home Town

Prof. Aren Maeir of Bar-Ilan University's Martin (Szusz) Department of Land of Israel Studies and Archaeology announced the discoveries in July, along with a number of ritual items, dating back to the Iron Age (10th century BC). Maeir, who has directed the excavations at Tel es-Safi/Gath for 13 years, commented that with its two central

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PA Says Direct Talks Doomed to Fail

According to the sources, American officials have claimed that even if Israel announces the resumption of construction, no new construction projects are expected in Jerusalem and West Bank communities located outside the settlement blocs. However, the sources said, Washington did not offer the PA any guarantees in this regard. Israel has also denied claims that

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Another Flotilla Challenging Israel

Israel’s Defense Minister Ehud Barak issued a statement saying that it would allow the aid to enter the Gaza Strip via the Israeli port of Ashdod. Trying to run the blockade, he said, was a provocation.  

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Netanyahu Discusses Expanding Greek Ties

The trip by Netanyahu was the first visit to Greece by an Israeli prime minister, a month after Papandreou made his first official visit to Israel. In the cabinet meeting, Netanyahu called for others in Israel’s government to talk with Greece. “I certainly encourage our ministers to be in contact with their Greek counterparts, because

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Arabs Terrorists Preparing for War with Israel

Meanwhile, al-Qaeda is preparing its fighters in the Arabian peninsula for the possibility of an Iran-Israel war, urging Arab pilots to crash into targets in Israel. A terror leader in Yemen urged Jihad supporters to exploit a future war between the Jewish State and the Ayatollah regime in order to advance al-Qaeda's causes, the Daily

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Professor First Ever Israeli to Be Awarded Math ‘Nobel Prize’

Said Netanyahu, “This is a great achievement both for yourself and the State of Israel and we are proud of you.” According to Hebrew University, the Fields Medal is awarded to scholars with excellent potential who have already shown noteworthy achievements in the field. Prof. Alex Lubotzky, a colleague at the Einstein Institute of Mathematics

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Jewish Organization Provides Assistance to Pakistani Flood Victims

“By harnessing our vast experience in international disaster relief and tapping our network of partners on the ground to assess the most pressing needs, JDC will quickly respond to those affected by the floods in Pakistan,” JDC CEO Steven Schwager said in a statement. “Guided by the principle of ‘tikkun olam’ (repairing the world), we

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1.5 Billion Barrels of Oil Discovered Near Rosh Ha’Ayin

The total oil reserves in the world (as of 2006) is 1.3 trillion barrels, but most of this is concentrated in the territory of less than 15 countries. The oil reserves located in countries not considered powerhouses in the field totals about 133 billion barrels, making the estimated amount of oil in Megged 5 quite

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