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A Year of Crisis


Hizbullah-Backed Candidate Wins Lebanon Premier Vote

Meanwhile, Hizbullah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah tried in a speech to downplay Hizbullah’s role in forming the new government. The Hizbullah-affiliated Al-Manar TV quoted Nasrallah as saying, “Threats against Mikati will be useless and saying that he is Hizbullah’s candidate is wrong, because in 2009, he was running on Hariri’s list and he was a

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Talks between Iran and the West Fail

While the French foreign minister reported that the stalemate resulted from Iran’s untenable conditions that “blocked everything,” an American diplomat was quoted as saying that Washington still believes “that there is time and space for diplomacy.”

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Ireland Upgrades Palestinian Mission

The ministry noted that the decision supports Ireland’s long-time support for the establishment of a Palestinian state and the Palestinian Authority’s [PA] progress in constructing its institutions. Israel fears other European countries may follow suit, as is the case in Latin America, where a number of countries—including Brazil, Chile, and Argentina—have recognized a “free and

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Purportedly Leaked Papers Reveal Palestinian Peace Offers

The documents also claim that the Palestinians were open to an agreement with the Israelis over the number of Palestinian refugees and their descendants who would be allowed into Israel. Despite the reported openness to move towards the middle in some of the key Palestinian positions, there remained points of disagreement between the Israelis and

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PLO: Al Jazeera Hurting Abbas

“What they did to Abu Ammar, Al Jazeera is doing to Abu Mazen [Abbas]. It puts him under international scrutiny,” he said. According to him, Al Jazeera published “references which were said now and again in an ironic manner as Palestinian answers.” He added that “Al Jazeera took a lot of things out of context,

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Turkel Commission Finds Legality in Gaza Blockade

The commission comprised of four appointed members from Israel (one member died during the proceedings) as well as two foreign observers: Nobel Peace Prize laureate Lord David Trimble from Ireland and Brigadier General (Ret.) Kenneth Watkin of Canada. The committee heard the testimony of 27 witnesses over the course of 15 days of the open

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Abbas: No State without Israel’s Collaboration

Fayyad told the Los Angeles Times on Saturday that the timetable for this is on schedule for completion by late August of this year, but that there needs to be reconciliation between the Fatah and Hamas factions before statehood can be a reality.   Ironically, it might be the internecine issue rather than differences with

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Jewish Agency: Raid Led to Global Anti-Semitism

In Austria, at least five incidents were reported. Anti-Israel rhetoric was on the rise throughout 2010, the report says, especially in Iran, warning that the boundaries between legitimate criticism against Israel and its “demonization” had been blurred. The agency deems this a major threat to Israel as well as Jewish communities worldwide. The report adds

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Lebanese Government Further Weakened

The collapse of the coalition was sparked by tension resulting from indictments expected to be handed down by a United Nations tribunal investigating the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri, the father of Sa’ad. Members of Hizbullah are expected to be indicted and Hizbullah is expected to [potentially] react violently.   Analysts are

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Butterflies to Bat Yam

Thinking along the lines of one small butterfly garden, he consulted with Dubi Benyamini, head of the Israeli Lepidopterists Society for butterfly and moth enthusiasts. Benyamini recommended taking a survey to ascertain which butterflies already existed in the area (it turned up 13 species) and planting numerous gardens of butterfly-attracting plants along Bat Yam’s east-west

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