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Never Forget: Holocaust Archives United

Anyone who has tried to find information on a city or Jewish community destroyed during World War II is familiar with this problem: Massive documentation is scattered in many places all over the world. One small typo in a name or the use of one European language instead of another may prevent people from finding

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Israel’s Multi-Layered Missile Shield to be In-Place by 2015

The multiple defensive layers include Iron Dome for protection against short-range rockets (3 to 45 miles, 5 to 72 kilometers); David’s Sling for protection against longer-range rockets; and the Arrow III system for high-altitude ballistic missiles.   The Arrow III system, developed with American funding and participation, can intercept nuclear warheads in space, providing the

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IDF Chief Predicts Hizbullah Takeover in Lebanon after Probe

Last week Nasrallah threatened his opposition in Lebanon and the International Court of Justice in The Hague, claiming Israel was behind attempts to charge his group for assassinating Hariri. Nasrallah also issued a veiled threat against the current Lebanese prime minister and accused him of assisting the US in hurting Hizbullah. In a televised speech

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Israel Expecting Record Year for Incoming Tourism

The financial benefit of this year’s tourism to Israel should be in the billions of dollars. The Tourism Ministry estimates that incoming tourism from January through August of 2010 contributed about US $2.3 billion to the economy, not counting travel taxes. That’s a 37% increase from the same period in 2009. Furthermore, that estimate is

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Palestinians: Jews Sent to Israel to rid Europe of Its Jewish “Burden”

Meanwhile, Hamas leader Mahmoud Zahar said that the Jews were expelled from Europe “because they betrayed, stole and corrupted these countries.” He added that they will soon be expelled from “Palestine” as they were from Europe, “because of their crimes.” [Jerusalem Post, Nov. 6, 2010] As Palestinian Media Watch has reported, this rewriting of the

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Netanyahu: US Proposal Not Final

The prime minister told the meeting of his meetings with senior American officials in the US last week: “I met with Vice President Joe Biden and the US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. I also spoke with some Congress and Senate leaders, senior members of the US media and senior officials in the US economy.

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Jewish Group Commends Canadian Support of Israel

“We must be relentless in exposing this new anti-Semitism for what it is,” said Harper. “Of course, like any country, Israel may be subjected to fair criticism. And like any free country, Israel subjects itself to such criticism—healthy, necessary, democratic debate. “But when Israel, the only country in the world whose very existence is under

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Turkey Turns to Japan’s Toshiba for Nuclear Project

Turkey is planning to build three reactors—the second already under contract with a Russian firm. The deal between Turkey and South Korea reportedly fell apart over the financial arrangements.  

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Anti-terror Bureau: Leave Sinai at Once

Meanwhile, Egyptian security officials said that authorities detained some 25 jihadists in recent days. The sources told Palestinian news agency Ma'an that the radical Islamists were planning to target peace-keeping forces in the Sinai as well as Israeli tourists. Several months ago, the Counter-Terrorism Bureau issued a warning to Israelis staying abroad, especially businesspeople, instructing

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Netanyahu, Clinton Discuss Restarting Peace Process

The Palestinians essentially have suspended peace talks with Israel following the expiration of Israel’s 10-month settlement construction freeze, refusing to resume talks until a new freeze is in place. The demand comes despite the fact that the Palestinians refused to talk at all during some of the previous freeze and even after they agreed to

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