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Israel Peacefully Intercepts One “Gaza Flotilla” Ship

On Tuesday, prior to boarding the vessel, Israel contacted the Al-Karame and offered them the option of transporting any goods following inspection to the Gaza Strip by land, instead of illegally attempting to enter Gaza by sea in contravention of Israel’s blockade. The Al-Karame refused, and so Israel commandeered the vessel to enforce the blockade.

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Prosor Alerts UN of Increasing Rocket Fire

“In response to these attacks, Israel has exercised and will continue to exercise its right to self-defense, as appropriate, and will take all necessary measures to protect its citizens.” Prosor stressed that “the attacks constitute a clear violation of international law. The persistence of rocket fire from Gaza should serve as a clear reminder that

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Report: Hizbullah Tried to Kill Israeli Consul

Turkish intelligence first attributed the Istanbul attack, days before national elections, to the Kurdish resistance, but later concluded that Hizbullah, working on behalf of Iran, had organized it. According to the report, three Hizbullah operatives arrived in Istanbul from Beirut to assassinate Kimchi. They followed his daily route from his home to the consulate and

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WJC: Does the Arab League Really Support Palestinian Statehood?

The Arab states had already given their opinion on the Palestinian unilateral gambit when they dramatically decreased their donations to the Palestinian Authority. As a result, the PA was unable to pay salaries to its civil service, which represents the largest sector of employees in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria] and supports families numbering

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Firm Supporters of Israel

At the start of the meeting former Prime Minister Aznar said to President Peres, “We are here to express our support for the State of Israel in the face of the relentless campaign of delegitimization. We are here to show to Israel and to the world that Israel is not alone and that Israel is

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One-Boat Flotilla Sets Off for Gaza

In the latest ground of cross-border fighting between Israel and Hamas-ruled Gaza, three Qassam rockets hit Israel overnight Saturday [July 16]. No injuries or damage was reported. Seven people were wounded on Sunday [July 17] by what Palestinian medical sources said was an Israeli airstrike, but Israel denied it had carried out any raid at

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Hizbullah: We Won’t Let Israel Take Our Gas

Kassam commented on Israel’s remarks vis-à-vis the maritime border, saying: “The Israeli threats do not frighten us. We will not change our position and continue to maintain our rights. “Israel knows its threats fall on deaf ears in Lebanon, after it tasted the bitter taste of the mighty Lebanese resistance.” Jerusalem handed the United Nations

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Tourism to Israel Maintains Strength Despite Regional Problems

Israel has actually seen an increase over last year in tourists staying more than one night. Of the visitors who have arrived in the first six months of 2011, most of them—1.4 million—were tourists who stayed more than one night, a 4% increase over the January–June stretch in 2010. Furthermore, June 2011 managed to set

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Six Rockets Hit Israel; IDF Strikes Gaza

The strikes targeted the Gaza City region and the Khan Younis [south-central] area. The army later confirmed that it struck in Gaza. Palestinian terrorists also fired a rocket at southern Israel Thursday morning. The projectile landed in an open area in Sha’ar Hanegev Regional Council. No injuries or damage were reported. The Color Red alert

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Arab League Head Bashes Clinton over Assad Comments

Abdulbaset al-Saroot has been in hiding since he publicly called for deposing Al-Assad. Damascus has accused him [Saroot] of trying to establish “an emirate of radical Islam,” a charge he denies. Al-Saroot is trying to avoid the fate of singer Ibrahim Kashush, who was killed mysteriously after leading protests in the streets of Hama. Editor’s

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