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Food Needs Dramatically Increase


Where’s Turkey? Eight Years of AKP Rule Leave a Question Mark

But Israeli and American scholars, addressing the issue at the annual Herzilya Conference near Tel Aviv, insisted that Erdogan is determined to turn his country into an Islamic state that encourages close political and trade relations with Iran and Syria. “The Turkish model is a road to Islamization—how fast or how slow, how long the

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Jihadists Set Free amid Egyptian Turmoil

The anti-government demonstrations which had appeared to have lost some steam were re-energized on Tuesday with an estimated 250,000 people filling Tahrir Square in Cairo. Reports from the scene indicated protestors dismissed the announcement by Suleiman that two committees are being established: one to propose constitutional changes and one to monitor implementation of reforms.  

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U.S. Cool to Russian Idea of UN Council Mideast Trip

“A number of delegations, including our own, asked a series of important questions, such as what is this meant to achieve, why now, why this itinerary, and would it in fact have the stated intention of contributing to promoting greater peace and stability in the region at this quite fragile time,” she said. British Ambassador

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Housing Prices Up 30% since 2008

On the demand side, several factors registered to have contradictory effects, including expectations for continued growth, potential for a continued rise in the real interest rate, and hope for government measures that would lower housing prices. However, the review showed that all these factors combined did not affect the costs as much as the supply

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UK Defense Head Issues Iran Warning, Considers New Sanctions

According to a transcript of Sunday’s speech, Fox pointed to North Korea’s example of surprising the West with its nuclear capabilities: “When it comes to timescales, I do not think it is prudent to assume we are at the most optimistic end of the spectrum. We know from previous experience, not least from what happened

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Palestinian Authority to Hold Elections in July

Last week, as riots peaked in Cairo, Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad announced elections would be held as soon as possible. However Hamas has already decided to boycott the vote. “These elections are legally invalid and the authority and the Palestinian government in the West Bank have lost the citizens’ support,” Hamas spokesman Fawzi Barhoum

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Israel Must Prepare for Multi-front War Says Outgoing Army Chief

He admonished Israel not to forsake preparations for conventional warfare lest the nation be unprepared when “overnight” it’s thrust into a battle on multiple fronts.   On the same day Ashkenazi spoke in Herzliya, Hizbullah chief Sheikh Hasan Sayyid Na’srallah provided counterpoint in a speech delivered to a Beirut rally in support of the uprising

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Egyptian Pipeline Attack Leads to Halt of Gas to Israel

CNN said a pipeline supplying natural gas to Jordan was closed following damage by the attack, which could lead to serious concerns for Jordan. According to the report, a Hamas statement denied involvement by the group in any attack on the gas terminal. Ynet, citing an Egyptian official, said that while the attack damaged the

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European Parliamentarians Show Support for Israel

Alexander Machkevitch, president of the Euro–Asian Jewish Congress, who sponsored the event, told the parliamentarians that Israelis and Europeans shared the same values of freedom, democracy and social responsibility. He stressed that in the face of the campaign to delegitimize the Jewish state, those who saw themselves as bearers of these values should show solidarity

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Beekeepers Take Sting Out of Israel–Turkey Relations

The intention was to improve the quality and safety of beehives for the benefit of the consumer and improve the way regional problems in the field are dealt with. Problems like bee disappearance, the appearance of the dwarf honey bee (Apis Florea), bee diseases, and pollination—all out of recognition of the importance of bees to

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