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Rare Ancient Golden Bell Discovered in Jerusalem

The IAA press release said of the possible connection of the discovered bell to the priesthood, “It is impossible to know for certain if the bell did indeed belong to one of the high priests; however, the possibility should not be entirely discounted.” The bell itself was discovered during an archaeological excavation of a drainage

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Israel Expresses Shock, Condolences at Norway Terror Attacks

In addition to the statement, Israeli President Shimon Peres sent a special condolence letter to the Norwegian king and people. In an excerpt of the letter posted on the Ministry of Foreign Affairs Web site, Peres said, “The people of Israel are shocked and share the grief of the people of Norway on the despicable

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Israeli Companies Discover South Sudan

This cooperation, he says, will lead to deals worth hundreds of millions of dollars, the payment of which will be guaranteed by the international community. The required fields of cooperation include security, agriculture, medicine and even the capital market, as the South Sudan government is looking to establish a stock exchange in the new country.

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Jailed Palestinian Leader Supports UN Bid

The U.S. and Israel have objected to the Palestinian’s diplomatic offensive, calling instead for a resumption of direct peace negotiations.

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Israeli Diplomat Laments Hatred and Anti-Semitism in Spain

Diplomatic relations between Spain and Israel were first established in January 1986. The 1492 edict of expulsion of the Jews by the Catholic kings of Spain was formally nullified 500 years later at a ceremony in March 1992 which was attended by Spanish King Juan Carlos and then Israeli President Chaim Herzog. Schutz ended his

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Terror Attack Survivor’s Peace Team

The shocking murder of his family members and the injury he suffered himself did not dampen Asael’s spirit. Two years after his rehabilitation began, he was acknowledged as a talented swimmer and now is considered one of Israel’s greatest hopes for the 2012 Paralympic Games, which will be held in London. About a year ago,

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Iran Says It Shoots Down U.S. Spy Drone

Editor’s note: Voice of America reported that the US has denied that they lost a drone.

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Netanyahu on Palestinian Talks: “Everything’s on the Table”

The Palestinians suspended peace talks with Israel last year following the end of Israel’s unprecedented 10-month settlement construction freeze, although the Palestinians had previously delayed the resumption of direct talks for months of the freeze. Israel has repeatedly called for negotiations to resume. Netanyahu’s willingness to return to talks now in the Al-Arabiya interview was

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Backache? Check Your Genes

It’s clearly not just genetics that contributes to back pain. Human anatomy is also a major cause, since walking upright causes strain and subsequent deterioration of the muscular skeletal system. Excessive body weight or physical exertion frequently aggravates the problem. However, the new research shows that genes play a key role in lower back pain

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Iran Approaching Two-month Timeline for Nuclear Fuel for a Bomb

That doesn’t mean Iran is definitely a mere months away from a nuclear warhead. Hague pointed out that the fuel process is just one of the necessities for a weapon, saying there remain “technical challenges” to Iran developing an actual nuclear bomb. Accumulating the fuel will take time as well. In an interview with Bridges

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