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Ministers Divided over September Threat

“The Palestinians are devoid the option of [appealing to] the UN Security Council. The most they can aspire to is the General Assembly, and even there, they have the US warning them against the move and threatening to cut their financial aid,” he said. The Security Council must approve any nation’s request to become a

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Roman-era Sword Uncovered in Ancient Ditch in Jerusalem

August 9, 2011

The iron sword was discovered in a dig carried out by the Israel Antiquities Authority in Jerusalem’s ancient drainage channel that ran from the site of the ancient Temple through the City of David to the Siloam Pool. Shukron said they found it while excavating silt from the channel that had once been used to

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Solar Window Is “Green” Game-changer

“What we have today – this is what we hear from architects – is very unique,” Pythagoras Solar CEO Gonen Fink tells ISRAEL21c. “The high transparency makes for esthetically pleasing building designs. “There are many companies today doing energy-efficient windows or energy generators using photovoltaics such as skylights, but this is mostly to show you

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19 Washington Ambassadors on Fact-finding Mission

On Monday evening, they will go to the Old City of Jerusalem to observe the commemoration of Tisha B’Av (the Ninth of Av), a solemn day of mourning for Jews marking the destruction of the biblical First and Second Temples. A packed schedule also features a helicopter ride over the northern and southern borders of

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PA: Shimon Peres Is “Tip of Triangle of Destruction”

Since our enemy is shrewd, it is well aware of how the Spanish [football] League is admired by Palestinians and Arabs; therefore, it continues to target the stars of the outstanding Spanish League…” The writer criticizes Israeli President Shimon Peres and the Peres Center for Peace, describing the President as the “tip of the triangle

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July Busiest Month in Ben-Gurion Airport History

According to Israel Airports Authority figures, the leading destinations this summer for both Israeli and foreign passengers are Greece, the United States, Germany, France, Italy and Russia.

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Following Rocket, IDF Bombs Gaza Targets

According to the same sources, one of the strike’s targets was a training camp of Hamas’ military wing—the Izz al-Din al-Qassam Brigades—near Gaza City. Several Kassam and Grad rockets have been fired from Gaza in recent days, and the IDF responded with airstrikes against different targets in the Strip. On Wednesday [August 3], another rocket

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Security Council Ekes Out Toothless Rebuke of Syria

While Western diplomats argued that the statement’s principle effect will be to pressure the Syrian regime into easing the brutality being asserted against demonstrators, observers on the ground in the region expressed doubt that the measure will have any real impact. On Wednesday [August 3], Syrian forces continued the siege of Hama for a fourth

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Mobile Phone Keeps Tabs on Malaria

This age group accounts for about 85% of malaria-related deaths. Using an ordinary mobile phone camera with a [US] $15 specialized lens, the system can detect malaria by imaging the eye or the skin to look for hemozoin, a pigment generated by the malaria parasite when it digests red blood cells. This pigment changes the

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