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A Light in the Midst of Trauma


UN Committee Report on Palestinian Bid Expected Next Month

If there is no consensus position, the varying positions in the committee will be summarized. The Security Council referred the application to the committee for review on September 28. The Palestinian application ultimately must go to the Security Council as a whole for a vote, although it remains unclear when that vote will take place.

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Mashaal to Prisoners: You Will Return to Palestine

“The Egyptian mediator got a much better deal compared to the one achieved by the German mediator two years ago. Netanyahu is misleading his people by claiming he got the best possible deal,” stated Mashaal. Mashaal told 40 Palestinian prisoners banished from Gaza and the West Bank [Judea and Samaria] at Israel’s demand, that their

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Chief of Staff Gantz to SFC Shalit: You are a Hero

A minute later, SFC Shalit was reunited with his family. Later, accompanied by his family, SFC Shalit began further medical checks. “We understand that for large periods of time, he was exposed to media, including radio,’ Brig. Gen. Mordechai said of Shalit’s time in captivity. Brig. Gen. Mordechai said that only after further medical checks

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Gilad Shalit: Thought I’d Stay in Captivity for Years

Security officials noted that the interview was held despite Israel’s refusal, and significantly delayed his return to Israel. During the interview, Shalit seemed uneasy, confused, and exhausted. The interviewer presented Shalit questions in English, which were translated into Hebrew. Gilad replied in Hebrew. At the beginning of the interview, Gilad was asked about his medical

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Art Comes to Jerusalem Open Market

“We chose these streets because they are less colorful, and they don’t have all of the vegetables and fruits, so it is less colorful and more greyish and neglected. We wanted to color it up and put some life in it,” Itamar Paloge, 28, artist and curator of the project, told The Media Line. “We

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Greener Heating for Hotels and Hospitals

“It’s like open-heart surgery—you can’t allow [even] one hour [off] at five-star hotels or hospitals,” says Yaron Ben-Nun, who heads marketing at Phoebus’ energy team. The industry is conservative, so Phoebus engineers had to prove their Hydra hybrid water heating system could handle upgrading a system without interruption. After collecting accurate data on inputs and

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Gilad Shalit Reunited with His Family

Shalit also showered, put on an IDF uniform and spoke with his parents before flying to Tel Nof. The freed Israeli soldier entered the Kerem Shalom crossing just before noon on Tuesday and was greeted by Israeli army officers, including OC Southern Command, Maj.-Gen. Tal Rousso. In an interview broadcast by Egyptian television on Tuesday

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477 Prisoners Handed over to Red Cross

The prisoner exchange operation is being managed by Operations Division chief Brigadier-General Kobi Barak. IDF [Israel Defense Force] Chief of Staff Benny Gantz is closely monitoring the events. The prisoner exchange deal signaling the end of Gilad Shalit’s five-year Hamas captivity began in the early hours of Tuesday morning, as the Israel Prison Service (IPS)

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Day of Decision and Heartbreak

Supreme Court President Dorit Beinisch left the court in no doubt as to the gravity of the decision of the three-person bench. “The moral and legal difficulty is laid out before us; we are sitting among our own people. There is no need to explain the painful history and the very difficult dilemmas we face.”

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Jerusalem Invests Millions in Arab Schools

Since taking office in November 2008, Mayor Nir Barkat has been implementing improvements to get these facilities on par with schools in the western sector of the city, says Stephan Miller, advisor to Jerusalem’s mayor. “The mayor and municipal professionals work regularly with members of the Arab neighborhoods of Jerusalem through the leadership of the

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