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Gaza Groups Declare Truce; IDF Bombs Strip

Earlier, a Palestinian source associated with Islamic Jihad said that the decision to declare a truce followed consultations with Arab officials around the world. Another source said the ceasefire announcement was a product of indirect negotiations with Israel. However, at this time, it appears that the IDF is preparing to launch additional strikes in Gaza

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Attack on Vehicle in Sudan Kills Two

Since then, there have been reports that Israeli aircraft operate against ships transferring weapons to Hamas. Last month, Egyptian forces blocked a five-vehicle weapons convoy trying to cross the border from Sudan.

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Syria Takes Steps to Appeal to Muslims

Al-Assad had banned the niqab, the full Islamic face veil, in July, angering conservative Muslims. The casino, which had been operating in a Damascus amusements arcade since late December to Muslim chagrin, was shut on Tuesday evening [April 5] on the grounds it was illegal.

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Poll: 32% of Palestinians Support Brutal Itamar Terror Attack

The poll interviewed 1,270 Palestinians in the West Bank [Judea and Samaria], East Jerusalem, and Gaza Strip during March 17–19 with a margin of error of 3%. While that finding reflected some of Israel’s concerns regarding security and Palestinian readiness for peace, another major Israeli matter in the peace process is recognition of Israel as

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Shin Bet Nabs Terror Cell

The cell was led by Amad Khamza Zaharan, a 31-year-old Hamas man previously imprisoned in Israel for four years in connection with planned attacks. He embarked on the abduction plot upon his release from prison in December 2010. The cell’s second member is Nazam Shanina, originally from the Gaza Strip. He arrived in Ramallah about

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Egypt Won’t Succumb to Islamic Rule, Army Says

The military, which controls the transitional government now in power, reiterated its commitment to transfer power to civilian rule after legislative and presidential elections this autumn and to respect freedom of expression.   Meanwhile, Egypt’s finance minister revised down his forecast for economic growth to between 2.5% and 3% in the current fiscal year as

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Israel Working to Prevent Another Gaza Flotilla

A separate Haaretz article on Monday [April 4] said that more than 1,000 activists are expected to be involved in the upcoming flotilla. According to sources cited by Haaretz, more than 20 vessels are expected to be in the new flotilla. It is set for May 31, the one year anniversary of the violence in

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Palestinian Engineer Developed Improved Qassams

During his studies, the engineer gained knowledge on the development of missiles and their control systems. In addition to his job at Gaza’s power plant, Abu Sisi joined Hamas and engaged in covert operations of the organization, the state is claiming. Between the years 2002–2008, Abu Sisi was a Hamas commander and member of a

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Evida—An Israeli Battery Under the Hood

The deal was revealed after intense months of negotiations and was made public at the Geneva International Motor Show at the beginning of March. Mia will start rolling out its cars, powered by Israeli innovation, in June. Born to American parents, Bennett spent a lot of time in the United States and speaks English fluently.

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Dozens Wounded, One Killed in Jerusalem Terror Bombing

He said no one had taken credit for the attack several hours afterwards, but they could confirm that it was “definitely a terrorist attack.” He said they were assessing what security steps would need to be implemented in order prevent any further attacks, saying that patrols had been heightened after the bombing. While there have

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