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Intelligence Chief: Iran One Year Away from Bomb

He added that this estimate is not relevant for a missile-mounted nuclear warhead which would require several years more. Nevertheless, he noted, “The activation of nuclear weapons does not have to involve a missile.” According to Kochavi, the Iranian regime is maintaining stability despite the sanctions. “The sanctions do not affect the nuclear program and

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Palestinian Libel: Israel Encourages Drug Use among Arabs

The PA’s Jerusalem governor, Adnan Husseini, expressed the same accusation last year: “Unfortunately, the number of [drug] addicts and users in the city of Jerusalem and its environs is more than 15,000. This is part of the systematic attack of the occupation state [Israel], which seeks to destroy the [younger] Palestinian generation, to drown it

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Lebanon Braces for a New Hizbullah-Friendly Government

But Makiti will have to convince the U.S. and the West he isn’t leading Lebanon into the arms of Iran and Syria, Hizbullah’s backers. He will also have to convince Lebanon’s Sunni Muslim and Christian communities he is a leader for the entire nation. “The complaint that Mikati isn’t representative is correct,” Eugene Sensenig-Dabbous, a

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Yad Vashem Launches Video Channel on Holocaust for Iranians

Yad Vashem Chairman Avner Shalev said, “One of our primary goals is to make credible information about the Holocaust accessible to as wide an audience as possible. Today, when there is so much disinformation and distortion easily available online, we provide an alternative to anyone who is interested in the truth.” Yad Vashem launched the

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Palestinians Draw Line-in-the-Sand for White House

The U.S. has said the resolution is “unhelpful” because only a negotiated settlement can bring peace. But according to a tally by the Palestinians, the Security Council’s other 14 votes are already pledged to support the resolution.

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Abbas Burned in Effigy at Gaza Demonstration

In particular, Abbas is being condemned and called a “traitor” for making concessions on the future of Jerusalem and on the issue of Palestinian refugees. Hamas officials are also urging Palestinians living around the world to become vocal protestors.   While many Israelis are impressed by revelations which indicate a far less stagnant and more

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Hizbullah-Backed Candidate Wins Lebanon Premier Vote

Meanwhile, Hizbullah Secretary General Hasan Nasrallah tried in a speech to downplay Hizbullah’s role in forming the new government. The Hizbullah-affiliated Al-Manar TV quoted Nasrallah as saying, “Threats against Mikati will be useless and saying that he is Hizbullah’s candidate is wrong, because in 2009, he was running on Hariri’s list and he was a

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Talks between Iran and the West Fail

While the French foreign minister reported that the stalemate resulted from Iran’s untenable conditions that “blocked everything,” an American diplomat was quoted as saying that Washington still believes “that there is time and space for diplomacy.”

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Ireland Upgrades Palestinian Mission

The ministry noted that the decision supports Ireland’s long-time support for the establishment of a Palestinian state and the Palestinian Authority’s [PA] progress in constructing its institutions. Israel fears other European countries may follow suit, as is the case in Latin America, where a number of countries—including Brazil, Chile, and Argentina—have recognized a “free and

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Purportedly Leaked Papers Reveal Palestinian Peace Offers

The documents also claim that the Palestinians were open to an agreement with the Israelis over the number of Palestinian refugees and their descendants who would be allowed into Israel. Despite the reported openness to move towards the middle in some of the key Palestinian positions, there remained points of disagreement between the Israelis and

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