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Israel Gears for Pro-Palestinian Fly-In

Netanyahu will hold a visit in Romania and Bulgaria this week which aims to enlist their support against the Palestinian recognition bid [at the United Nations]. The Palestinian news agency WAFA reported that some 40 organizations have confirmed their participation in the Welcome to Palestine campaign to be carried out between July 8 and July

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Palestinian College Class, Summer Camp Named after Terrorist

Also reported in the official PA daily was a description of the graduation ceremony at the Al-Tireh Girls’ College in Ramallah for the current graduating class, likewise named after terrorist Dalal Mughrabi. The graduation ceremony was held under the auspices of two Fatah MPs [members of parliament]. As documented by Palestinian Media Watch, Mughrabi has

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Cinnamon: The Latest Hope for Alzheimer’s?

Now her work has the sweet smell of success: CEppt can delay the effects of five aggressive strains of Alzheimer’s-inducing genes, according to a multi-lab research paper co-authored by Frydman-Marom, Ovadia, Ehud Gazit, Daniel Segal and Dan Frenkel in the medical journal PLoS ONE. Using in-vitro tests [a type of lab test] and then Drosophila

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Barak Halts Body Transfer Talks

Earlier, officials said that the body transfer, which was set to take place in the near future, has no connection whatsoever to Shalit, who has been in Hamas captivity for five years. Noam Shalit [Gilad’s father] refused to comment on the transfer plans. Monday evening [July 4], the IDF’s Spokesman’s Office said in a statement

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Poll: Palestinians Are Determined to Go to the UN in September

61% of the Palestinians think they should not accept President Obama’s call to return to negotiations with the Netanyahu government, and 60% of Israelis do not expect them to do so. In light of President Obama’s speech, a majority of 88% of the Palestinians think the US position is closer to Israel, while only 8%

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Ossuary Yields New Detail of Gospel Story

While Christians may find an archeological remnant of the Gospel story to be intriguing, Zissu and Goren are more focused on the rest of the inscription, which for the first time revealed that Caiaphas was a member of the priestly division called Ma’aziahu and was probably born in the hills south of Bethlehem. The Israel

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Barak Satisfied with Flotilla Delays

“I think it’s possible that the outcome will take the sting out of this flotilla. But, of course, we must still prepare for the possibility that some ships will come.” Meanwhile, it was reported that two of the four crew members of the Audacity of Hope ship were allowed to leave the vessel after it

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Dutch Government Rejects Palestinian Move for Statehood Via UN

The Dutch government, however, supports a return to negotiations with Israel based on an agreement around the borders prior to the 1967 Six Day War, Rosenthal said. “We will continue to stress for a restart to direct negotiations. We need direct negotiations right now,” he said, and the issues should include mutual security, an agreement

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A Touch-free System to Control Your Life

To that end, eyeSight has developed a platform for hands-free gesture control for home, gaming and industrial use. The platform, cleverly called eyeCan, lets users flick their fingers to interact with devices as diverse as in-car infotainment and navigation systems to cooking Web sites. No more taking your eyes off the road to change stations,

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Hizbullah Members Reportedly Accused in Assassination Case

After months of anticipation, the Special Tribunal for Lebanon (STL) has issued indictments in the 2005 assassination of then-Prime Minister Rafik Hariri, with the The Daily Star reporting that four Hizbullah members have been implicated in the murder. Citing a judicial source, the Lebanese newspaper said that a senior Hizbullah military commander, Mustafa Badreddine, has

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