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Reaching Out in Love to Widows and Orphans


Thousands of Palestinians Demonstrate for National Reconciliation

In contrast to the clashes later in the day, Hamas premier Ismail Haniyeh, in a live broadcast on Tuesday, invited Palestinian President and Fatah leader Mahmoud Abbas to discuss reconciliation in Gaza, ostensibly the same call being made by protestors who were reportedly later attacked.   Deeply divided into two governments for years, Hamas and

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An Alzheimer’s Vaccine in a Nasal Spray?

And because Alzheimer’s is often associated with vascular damage [blood vessel damage] in the brain, many patients are also at great risk of a potentially fatal stroke. “Using part of a drug that was previously tested as an influenza drug, we’ve managed to successfully induce an immune response against amyloid proteins [which are associated with

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Israel Continues Search for Family’s Killers; Mass Arrests Reported

Condemnations of the murders were widespread and included a statement by Palestinian Authority [PA] head Mahmoud Abbas on Israel Radio and a statement by the leading Israeli Arab parliamentarian, Dr. Ahmad Tibi, who said the act brought shame to Palestinians. Nevertheless, Prime Minister Netanyahu and his government continue to lay the blame on the continual

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Palestinian Authority Incitement Prior to the Murders in Itamar

“Abbas awards $2000 to family of terrorist” In December, a Palestinian terrorist carrying two pipe bombs ran towards the soldiers at an Israeli checkpoint, screaming “Allahu Akbar”—”Allah is Greater.” The soldiers shot him before he could detonate the bombs. “Palestinian Authority Chairman Abbas granted ‘the relatives of the Shahid’ $2000”: “The governor of the Jenin

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Beirut Rally: “Hundreds of Thousands” Demand Hizbullah Disarm

The terrorist organization then became the power broker setting up the successor government by hand-picking the prime minister-designate. Al-Hariri was the main speaker at the event [on Sunday], which was officially called to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the founding of the March 14th coalition.   But given the massive turnout, it became the most

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Israel Protests UN Screening of “Anti-Israel” Film

Israeli sources criticized the decision to promote the movie by inviting representatives of UN delegations and holding a panel after the movie. The panel is scheduled to include Jebreal, who wrote the script, and Jewish director Schnabel, who was also invited to attend the movie premiere in Israel—but did not even offer to send a

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Hunt Continues for Murderers of Israeli Family

The sixth Fogel child, a 12-year old girl, returned home from a youth event to discover the carnage.   Thousands of Israelis turned out for the funeral in Jerusalem on Sunday. Although security experts were not able to say that the attack was carried out on assignment from a known terrorist organization—even Hamas said it

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Netanyahu’s Remarks in Response to the Terrorist Attack in Itamar

“Since the disaster, this awful murder, became known, I have held discussions with Defense Minister Ehud Barak, Israel Defense Forces [IDF] Chief-of-Staff Lt.-Gen. Benny Gantz, Israel Security Agency Director Yuval Diskin, and other senior security officials. I instructed them to make every effort to find the murderers and not to rest until they have been

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Facebook Page Calls for Third Intifada

The popularity of the page grew exponentially since then, each day bringing an additional 25,000 supporters on average. On Sunday afternoon [March 13], the page had nearly 140,000 “Likes.” The organizers’ goal is to reach a million.   Despite repeated requests made by supporters, the creators of the page refuse to reveal their identity or

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Israel Offers a Hand to Japan

A small Israeli crew is expected to leave Israel for Japan immediately to report back where their help can best be applied. IsraAID is a non-profit umbrella group that gathers Israeli humanitarian and relief workers from 17 different organizations to lend medical aid, search and rescue help, and disaster relief at some of the world’s

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