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Food Needs Dramatically Increase


Israel Sets Tourist Record for Month of May

The first five months of 2011 have seen a 4% increase in tourists staying more than one night over the same period last year, although January-May 2011 have seen a 2% decrease in overall visitors from the record-setting stretch in 2010. Nonetheless, considering the upheaval in Arab nations in the Middle East and how that’s

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Alleged Israeli Spy in Egypt a US Citizen

Grapel immigrated to Israel from the United States and joined the [Israel Defense Forces] IDF in March 2005. He served as a lone soldier in the Paratroopers’ 101st Battalion and was injured during the Second Lebanon War. One of the man’s acquaintances told Ynet that he is an American who had made aliyah several years

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Does “Arab Spring” Herald a More Fragmented Mideast?

While the mass protests that have shaken the region since the start of the year are usually seen in a national context, the Arab Spring has exposed the fragility of the artificial borders imposed on the Middle East by European powers nearly a century ago. When the dust settles, the map of the New Middle

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Vivotext Puts Expression into Computerized Voices

“There are many areas where more natural-sounding voices will have a major impact on the market, such as in interactive games, speech-enabled Web sites and audiobooks,” says Silbert. Today, just 1.2% of all books are recorded. “This could be a multi-billion dollar industry, but you need expressiveness in order to make a book understandable, and

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Shin Bet Nabs Gaza Terrorist

The indictment against Karim, filed recently with the Beersheba District Court, is comprised of 32 counts including attempted murder, conspiracy to commit murder, affiliation with an illegal entity, contacting a foreign agent, servicing an illegal entity, conspiracy to violate national security and breaching national security by giving information to an enemy agent; as well as

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Refugees Flee to Turkey in Response to Brutal Syrian Crackdown

Speaking in a press statement on Monday, Amos said she was “deeply concerned” about the violence and called upon the Syrian government to “respect and protect civilians, and to refrain from the use of force against peaceful demonstrators.”   The refugee news comes as Syrian troops, backed with tanks and helicopters, have sought to crush

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Nano Retina Develops Bionic Retina for Visually Impaired

Inserted into the retina in a 30-minute procedure, Nano Retina’s implant device, about the size of a grain of rice, turns into an artificial retina that melds to the neurons in the eye. It is activated by the wearer using special eyeglasses, transforming natural light into an electrical impulse that stimulates the neurons to send

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Iran Plans to Triple Research-level Nuclear Fuel Production

In the process of enriching uranium to 3.5% for electrical use and then to 19.75%, “a majority of the work is already done,” for enriching the nuclear fuel to weapon’s grade, according to Paul Brannan, senior analyst at the Institute for Science and International Security, a US-based think tank that focuses on nuclear weapons issues. 

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Reports of Arms from Libya Smuggled into Gaza; Egypt Gas Flow Restored

Meanwhile, the flow of natural gas from Egypt to Israel resumed on Friday [June 10] after a six-week interruption caused by a terrorist blast on the pipeline. It was the second time that the pipeline had been hit.   But the interruption of the flow of gas, which represents 40% of Israel’s gas needs, was

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Hamas-Fatah at Odds over Future Premiership

The Palestinian factions are set to meet on Tuesday [June 14] and discuss the future premiership further. Fayyad, who enjoys a somewhat international consensus as a statesman, is the preferred choice by many, as his appointment is likely to appease the West, which is wary of Fatah’s newfound unity with Hamas. The latter appears on

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