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Netanyahu: We’ll Aggravate Hamas Prisoners’ Conditions

He did not specify the steps the government will take to alter confinement conditions but noted that he has canceled the “absurd” protocol allowing terrorists to enroll in academic studies. “There will be no more doctorates of terror,” he said. “This party is over.” In March 2009, a committee headed by then-Justice Minister Daniel Friedmann

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Here Comes the Sun: Israel Launches a Solar Power Field

About half of that amount could be generated by solar energy in the Negev desert, which sits under clear, bright skies most days of the year. Although it’s a Middle East country, Israel doesn’t have any appreciable oil sources beyond the natural gas wells off the coast of Haifa. It does have a large amount

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Syria Angry with Europeans for Pressuring Al-Asad

He threatened to “forget that Europe is on the map…The world is not only Europe. Syria will remain steadfast.” The Syrian bravado comes with firm backing from Security Council members Russia and China, both of which oppose not only sanctions, but a resolution condemning the Syrian brutality. Meanwhile, the reaction on the streets to Al-Asad’s

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Shalit Deal: Gaps between Israel and Hamas Wide

Gaza’s rulers are demanding Israel flex its position on the number of prisoners included in a future exchange deal, as well as add “major” prisoners to the list. Al-Hayat described Israel’s negotiating position as “radical and very difficult.” Hamas meanwhile, denied receiving any new draft in the matter. Editor’s Note: Despite al-Hayat’s description of Israel’s

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New Important Excavations Opened to the Public

At the beginning of 2010 archaeologist Dr. Eilat Mazar completed exposing the Ophel fortification complex in Jerusalem. Immediately after that conservation work commenced and the site was made accessible to the public. The conservation work was implemented by the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) Conservation Department and lasted about six months. The architecture at the site

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Report: Iranian Involvement in Syrian Suppression of Demonstrations

The report also explained the riots that broke out in Syria’s Yarmuk refugee camp the day after the Naksa Day demonstrations. Rioters were members of Ahmad Jibril’s Popular Front for the Liberation of Palestine-General Command who were angry because they did not receive the money promised for participating in the rush on the Israeli border.

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Israel Tries to Prevent Next Gaza Flotilla, Prepares in Case It Sails

The upcoming Gaza flotilla is expected to set sail by the end of this month. Rosenzweig said there is no humanitarian crisis in Gaza and that aid should come by land through Israel or Egypt, having then been checked for military-use materials that could end up with terrorists. Rosenzweig said that during the week of

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Netanyahu Sends Turkish Leader a Letter

Netanyahu said during a visit to Italy last week that he would like to renew the recently deteriorated relations with Turkey. Reports of the letter come ahead of a second flotilla to Gaza. The first flotilla, which took place May 31 of last year, ended with a calamitous IDF [Israel Defense Forces] raid on the

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Abbas Passes the Ball to Washington

According to Abbas, the issues of “borders and security” are preventing bilateral talks from proceeding. The Palestinian leader also denied that the UN route constitutes a “unilateral” move, arguing that, “President Obama says he wants to see an independent Palestinian state by September. The Quartet has said the same. “Fayyad’s government has guaranteed its authorities

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New Palestinian Transition Government Postponed

Al-Ahmad also expressed the hope that the meeting would be successful. However, the Palestinian Ma’an News Agency said that there is speculation that the delay for the meeting, which was set to discuss the formation of the next government, was actually due to disagreement between Hamas and Fatah about the role of current Prime Minister

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