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Palestinian Conference Raises New Threat of Intifada

Young leaders have been urging an “uprising” similar to others in the Arab world, the exception being that it would target Israel rather than the Palestinian government. Palestinian Authority [PA] head Mahmoud Abbas last week reiterated his opposition to a third intifada.

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Terror Warning: Hizbullah to Attack Israelis Abroad

The defense establishment sources noted that the information is clear and that many Hizbullah elements are taking part in planning the attack, lead by the organization’s Secretary-General Hassan Nasrallah. According to the sources, Hizbullah is seeking a location where Israelis congregate in order to avoid directly attacking Israel’s border. The Counter-Terrorism Bureau stated recently that

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White House Considering US Mideast Peace Plan

The plan could also include calls for acceptable security for Israel and rule out Palestinian “refugees” from returning en masse to Israel in the so-called “right of return”.    US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton recently promised a Middle East policy speech from Obama, but it remains unclear what exactly Obama would say in the

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Fatah to Join Gaza-bound Flotilla in May

“We didn’t participate in the previous flotilla, but we supported it, and the attack [presumably the political attack] on Israel that followed,” said Shaath. He added that due to last May’s events, Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas decided “to give all of the participants Palestinian citizenship.” The Fatah official refused to say whether he plans to

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Letter: Arabs Brainwashed against Israel

The writer went on to say that his epiphany had come after he witnessed Israeli doctors treating a Palestinian girl. “What caught my attention was the Israeli hospital that treated the Palestinian girl who suffered from a cancerous growth. I also watched the movie about the Jewish pianist who suffered greatly in the time of

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Send in the Robots to Pick the Ripest Fruit

The cRops robotic platform will be able to detect the fruit, sense its ripeness, and then move to grasp and softly detach only the ripe fruit. It will also be capable of targeted spraying during the growing process. BGU’s role in the project will be to lead the development of intelligent sensing and manipulation algorithms.

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40-Mile Christian Hiking Trail Unveiled in Israel

Signs, including inscriptions from the Old Testament chiseled into stone and maps of the route are expected to arrive in time for the official kick-off next month.

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Interpreter Recounts Work with Israeli Aid Team to Japan

Said Sati, “I think overall, patients who came, or patients that we went to visit, they were very happy for the generosity and kindness. From my perspective, the best medication that they were able to receive was the encouragement and generosity of the Israeli doctors and nurses.” Sati heard other volunteers say they saw patients’

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Palestinians Counting on Obama for State

He stated that Western European countries have also accepted the fact that a Palestinian state will be established sooner or later, despite not having recognized it yet. The Palestinian leader said he rejects statements Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu reportedly made alluding to a state on provisional borders. “Such talk means only one thing—that the Israeli–Arab

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Poll: Marked Drop in Palestinian Support for Attacks on Israel Noted

The figures come as the Palestinian Authority [last month] honored the mastermind of the 2002 “Passover Bombing” terrorist attack that killed 30 people at a hotel in the coastal city of Netanya.

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