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First International Aid to PA since Reconciliation Announcement

The position has been articulated by the chairwoman of the House Foreign Relations Committee and both the chairwoman and ranking member of the House Appropriations Subcommittee.   Israel has frozen US $89 million in tax revenue it transmits to the Palestinian Authority [PA] monthly pursuant to terms of the Oslo Accords citing the agreement with

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Iran, Egypt Form Closer Ties

The two ministers are expected to meet at the end of the month at the Nonaligned Movement meeting in Bali, Indonesia. In Tuesday’s press conference, which took place in Doha, Qatar, Salehi said that there isn’t a reason that Iran’s ties with Egypt should be weaker than its ties with its other neighbors. “Currently we

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The Conductor Who Teaches Business Management

May 4, 2011

“Different aspects of music-making can provide stimulating insights into familiar management concerns such as leadership, teamwork, creativity, mentorship and personal development.” Talgam says music provides “an exciting new vocabulary for addressing these concerns” in a non-threatening atmosphere for discussion and self-reflection. “As a professional musician, I understand conducting,” he says. “But when it becomes a

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Hamas Condemns US Assassination of Osama Bin Laden

The statements came against the backdrop of an expected interim government deal between Hamas and Palestinian Authority head Mahmoud Abbas’s Fatah party set to take place later this week.   In their coverage of the Palestinian response to bin Laden’s death, The New York Times quoted a Hamas lawmaker as calling the US assassination of

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Anti-Semitism Lower in 2010

In 2009, 1,129 incidents of anti-Semitism were documented worldwide, a record high. In 2010, that number fell to 614. Despite that decline, the 2010 figure is still the third highest since 1990. Roughly 60% of the acts noted in the survey occurred in Britain, France or Canada. In Latin America, incidents of anti-Semitism, while amounting

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Israelis Find Key to Containing Cancer

As the researchers described in the February issue of the journal Nature, the ability to “turn on” p53 could be a critical means of protection against colorectal and other epithelial forms of cancer. Building on earlier p53 studies by Dr. Moshe Oren of the Weizmann Institute of Science, who joined the current research team, Hebrew

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Netanyahu: I Doubt the World Has Learned Holocaust Lesson

Netanyahu addressed the Iranian threat throughout his speech. “It seems the world finds it easier to talk of lessons of the past rather than project them on the present day and future. But we, members of the Jewish people, must not ignore the lessons of the Holocaust on days such as these. New enemies continue

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PA Libel: Israel Imitates Nazis

Last month the PA repeated this same libel, that “Israeli doctors also carry out medical experiments on prisoners,” adding that “there are [Israeli] prisons which fall under the military administration… They resemble the detention camps during the Nazi period.” [Al-Hayat Al-Jadida, April 15, 2011] PMW has recently reported on Palestinian opposition to Holocaust education in

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Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood to Vie in September Election

Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu was among the first to voice concern, warning that Israel’s relationship with the post-Mubarak regime is unlikely to be as productive as relations were with the Mubarak government, even though that relationship became synonymous with the term “cold peace.”   Last week, Egypt’s army chief-of-staff warned Israel not to interfere with

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US Lawmakers Threaten to Halt Funds to Palestinians

“The reported agreement between Fatah and Hamas means that a Foreign Terrorist Organization which has called for the destruction of Israel will be part of the Palestinian Authority government,” said Ros-Lehtinen. “US taxpayer funds should not and must not be used to support those who threaten US security, our interests, and our vital ally, Israel.

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