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Israel Welcomes Quartet Peace Proposal

An Israeli government official, speaking with The Mideast Update by phone, said that once negotiations actually begin they can set one-year as “a target date” for reaching a deal. So far, the Palestinians have refused to move forward until Israel meets their preconditions. The WAFA Palestinian news agency reported on Sunday that Palestinian Presidency Spokesperson

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IDF, Palestinian Forces Cooperate in Flooded Jordan Valley

October 3, 2011

An IDF engineering officer said: “There has always been cooperation between us and Palestinian rescue forces. Palestinian forces are always called to the scene when there are Palestinians involved in a particular event. Most cooperation occurs when accidents take place from time to time on Route 90.”  

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Navy Unveils New Training Technology

The “Bridge” is deployed in three rooms, allowing cadets to simulate various daily scenarios, both for peace and war time. It creates accurate three-dimensional images of Israel’s various coastlines, as well as its neighbor’s shores, and allows the cadets to experience the field in all sectors, including enemy territory. “There are no fences at sea,

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1,100 Housing Units to Be Built in Gilo

About a year and a half ago, the planning and construction committee approved a motion to expand Gilo and south Jerusalem and build new housing units in the neighborhood. The construction project has drawn heavy criticism from Washington and left-wing organizations. Gilo was built on land that was seized during the Six Day War and

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Palestinian Patients Treated in Israel Go on a Field Day

Dalia Bessa, the Health Coordinator of the Civil Administration, said that trips like these are important for the emotional well-being of patients with serious illnesses. She works hard to ensure that these patients receive comprehensive treatment and care. Lagine Abu El Hayad from Bethlehem is currently recovering from a successful bone marrow transplant, a complex

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Israel Police Get First Female Sapper

“I wasn’t treated any differently,” she said. “The commanders expected the same of me as they did of the others. Nevertheless, I still felt that as the first woman that completes the course, I had to prove myself. At first, I wanted to break the limits, mostly for my own sake, but now I feel

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In Stormy Middle East, Israelis Look Forward

Tamar Hermann, a senior fellow at the Israel Democracy Institute, which conducted the poll, said economic and social issues jumped to the top of Israelis’ concerns over the summer as the country was gripped by mass protests over the cost of living. She was able to detect the change by comparing the main survey, which

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Turkey Introduces First Self-produced Warship

The Heybeliada has become operational amid Turkey’s efforts to position itself as a greater power in the waters of the Eastern Mediterranean. Turkey is in the midst of a dispute with the Greek Cypriot government over maritime resources in the region. Turkey has said in the past that it seeks to boost its military presence

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Kotel Notes Cleared Ahead of Holidays

Before clearing the notes, the workers must bathe in a mikveh (ritual bath). Moreover, they must use special wooden sticks to reach the higher notes. Metal is forbidden as it is considered impure. The note removal works will be supervised by Western Wall Rabbi Shmuel Rabinowitz, who will ensure that no one opens the notes

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UN Security Council Set to Discuss Palestinian Matter Again

It remains to be seen when a final vote on the Palestinian statehood bid will take place. The final tally in the vote is also unclear, although the United States has pledged to veto such a resolution, should that be necessary. The discussion comes as the Mideast Quartet—the US, Russia, the European Union and the

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