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Ukrainian Jews Arriving


Abbas Displays Map of “Palestine” that Erases Israel

As Palestinian Media Watch reported, last year Abbas held up a similar political map that presented a world without Israel. It included the PA flag above the entire land of Israel, and was titled “Palestine.” It named all the neighboring states in English—Lebanon, Syria, Jordan Egypt”—but failed to mention Israel. On Abbas's maps there is

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Syria’s Assad Says United States Sowing Chaos

Saad Hariri, the current Lebanese prime minister [and the son of the murdered former prime minister], has reportedly praised Assad’s remarks, particularly his comments describing the younger Hariri as the right person for Lebanon. In Washington, State Department Spokesman P.J. Crowley charged that Syria is destabilizing Lebanon by supplying arms to militants and issuing arrest

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Exchange Program of Jewish and Christian Students from New York and Berlin

The program is a collaborative effort between the North American Board of Rabbis, the World Jewish Congress, the City of Berlin and the German Foreign Ministry, facilitated in New York by Temple Israel of Lawrence. Its honorary chairman is Berlin’s Mayor Klaus Wowereit. It came about as a result of a mission of rabbis from

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Hamas Minister: We’ll Occupy Haifa, Akko

Turning to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, Hamad said, “We are coming to occupy Haifa and Akko. We'll have armies from all around the world, and the convoys arriving in Gaza are carrying a message to our people, saying that we must stick to the path of jihad. The enemy is trying to impose a siege

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Israeli Foreign Ministry Preparing for Regional Risks

Planning for potential dangers and complications is something the Foreign Ministry does regularly, including preparing options in case the Palestinians do decide to go to the United Nations General Assembly to seek recognition for a Palestinian state. Meanwhile, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, during Sunday’s [October 24] cabinet meeting, attempted to discourage the Palestinians from taking

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Israel, US Complete Joint Military Exercise

IDF Chief of the General Staff, Lt. General Gabi Ashkenazi, said: “I see great progress in all matters of cooperation between us and the American armed forces and EUCOM [United States European Command]. This is an important part of our ability to operate in different scenarios at sea, on the ground and in the air.

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At Vatican, Bishops call for Legal Steps against Israeli occupation

While recognizing “the suffering and insecurity in which Israelis live” and the need for Israel to enjoy peace within internationally recognized borders, the document said Palestinians “are suffering the consequences of the Israeli occupation: the lack of freedom of movement, the wall of separation and the military checkpoints, the political prisoners, the demolition of homes,

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Iran Starts Fueling Reactor with Fuel Rods

The U.S. dropped its objection to the nuclear power plant after Russia promised to oversee the disposal of the spent fuel rods, which can be used to make nuclear weapons.  

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Israeli Voted among Top Game-changers

In 2009, [he created] the “University of the People,” a site based in Pasadena, California that streams lectures and class assignments to people around the world to provide them the opportunity to take college-level classes on the Web for less than $100 and, ultimately, earn an accredited degree.   Reshef's site currently has 500 students

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Jerusalem Gets First Grade National Priority Status

The bill is part of the government's policy. Agriculture Minister Shalom Simhon and Social Affairs Minister Isaac Herzog from Labor, together with their Likud colleagues, Minister Benny Begin and Education Minister Gideon Sa'ar—all supporters of the bill, requested, on behalf of the justice and finance ministries, to postpone the vote by three weeks so that

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