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Reaching Out in Love to Widows and Orphans


Israel at 63 : Population of 7,746,000

Approximately 24,5000 immigrants arrived in the country, while nearly 12,000 chose to leave Israel. Another 7,500 people joined the general population, but CBS data do not state where they came from. Over 70% of the Jewish population are native-born Israelis, and more than half of them are at least second generation Israelis. In contrast, only

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Netanyahu : We’re Constantly Working to Free Captives

The ceremony was also attended by Supreme Court President Dorit Beinish, Israel’s Chief Rabbi Shlomo Amar and Jerusalem Mayor Nir Barkat. Netanyahu also addressed recent uprisings in the Middle East and stated: “As days go by, one thing becomes abundantly clear—Israel is an island of freedom, democracy and progress.” He further added: “As a member

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Israel Pours Money into Hotel Industry as Tourism Climbs

Netanyahu declared his intention to attract enough tourists each year to match Israel’s population figure of more than seven million. “Israel should have more tourists than [residents],” he said. “Instead of a two-to-one ratio [of residents to tourists], we need a one-to-one ratio.” Misezhnikov announced thanks to a doubled budget for hotel construction, the Israeli

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UK Not Ruling Out Recognizing Palestinian State

The source told The Guardian that Europe doesn’t know right now what they will do in September, should the Palestinians go to the UN General Assembly for statehood recognition, saying the Palestinians are expected to go to the UN if there is no peace process. The comments were published the same day Israeli Prime Minister

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Diskin: Chances for True Palestinian Unity Slim

A Shin Bet veteran of 33 years, Diskin believes the Palestinian unity deal has been struck “mostly for the sake of appearances, in an attempt to show unity. From here on, there are many things both sides don’t know how to apply in theory, let alone on the ground.” A Palestinian unity government, he added,

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Drinking Water for China, Israeli Style

Now, the Israeli desalination company IDE Technologies has introduced a greener way to pull salt from the world’s water. Putting it to the test in China, the Israeli company has created a win-win solution for the environmentally conscious Chinese: using runoff steam from a power plant to help run the desalination plant. The result is

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Poll: East Jerusalem Residents Prefer Israeli Citizenship

When asked if they preferred to become citizens of Palestine or remain citizens of Israel, only 30% chose Palestinian citizenship. Thirty five percent chose Israeli citizenship, and 35% declined to answer or said they didn’t know. The survey’s findings were presented as part of a Tel Aviv University conference hosted by its International Conflict Resolution

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Palestinian Gambit May Keep International Funding Flowing

Western donor nations contribute the bulk of the US $1.4 billion in annual aid to the Palestinian Authority, which since 2007, has been under the control of Fatah. But the aid, which constitutes nearly a half of its entire budget, may be in jeopardy with Hamas in the government. Palestinian Authority (PA) spokesman Ghassan Khatib

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Cousins Meet for the First Time

Tamir requested and received from Russia archival documents that showed that her parents, Naftali Hertz and Golda Shapira, had been in Palestine [the Holy Land’s title at the time] and [were] expelled by the British. Liora Tamir’s daughter Ilana suggested to her mother that she go on the Yad Vashem data base to search through

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