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Yom Kippur Drill: IDF Simulates War Call-up

“The timing is more than a coincidence and is part of the army’s preparation for the upcoming days in light of changes in the region,” Head of the Operations Division’s Inspection Department, Col. Shlomi Fayer said. “The two divisions were duly found to be highly ready and capable.” A check conducted by the Inspection Department

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Egypt to Boost Gas Prices Israel Pays

The official newspaper Al Ahram reported that, “The final draft related to amending the prices for exporting natural gas to Israel will be completed soon. It will see a big increase in the price.” The flow of gas to Israel has been interrupted six times by sabotage since the fall of Mubarak.  

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Missile Protection for Civilian Aircraft

Called the C-Music, it is designed for both fixed-wing aircraft and helicopters and is expected to be available on the market shortly, having already received the necessary certification from civil aviation authorities around the world, said Adi Dar, general manager of El-Op Ltd., one of the leading electro-optics companies in the world. “We see a

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Israel, Gateway to the Mediterranean

Both ships have a comprehensive program of cruises in the Mediterranean. There is a variety of destinations with cruises lasting several days to two weeks. Presently, some of these destinations include stops such as Barcelona, Venice, Corfu, Athens, Cyprus, Crete, Dubrovnik, Nice, Marseilles, to mention just a few. Various ports in Turkey used to be

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Committee to Consider Palestinian UN Bid at Rational Pace

“I want to assure you that we will neither be stalled nor be stampeded,” Ogwu said. “This group will meet in a transparent manner, as much as possible in a cohesive manner, as much as possible at a rational pace…It’s not a one-time meeting, so they will determine when to meet, but the chair [Nigeria]

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President vs. Congress on Aid to Palestinian Authority

On Monday [October 3], a spokesman for the committee explained that the freeze was an “informational hold” that is “a tool of Congressional oversight.” Bradley Goehner said the committee is looking at the full spectrum of the PA’s activities, including “its activities at the UN, its arrangement with Hamas, and its failure to recognize Israel’s

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Israeli Cave: World’s First Factory?

The people of Qassem Cave not only developed what appears to be the earliest system of mass production but engaged in other activities that Barkai and his colleagues describe as modern, such as parceling off their limestone habitation into areas dedicated to specific activities like butchering and eating. That pushes back the date for many

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Palestinians Set to Undermine the Oslo Agreements

The Palestinians have never been happy with the Protocols. They have consistently claimed that they reinforced Israeli economic hegemony over the Palestinian economy and have worked tirelessly to amend the agreement so as to wrestle control over the border crossings from the Israelis. Israel has always rejected these demands, arguing that a breach of the

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Iran Threatens to Send Navy near US Borders

However, sending ships or submarines thousands of miles away to the US maritime borders would be a significant escalation in Iran’s projection of naval power. Fars noted that Sayyari did not clarify what that presence would look like or when it could begin. The Iranian news service did recall Sayyari’s comments in July regarding plans

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Israeli Clinical Study Offers Hope to ALS Patients

October 4, 2011

However, there are only 24 slots available in the year-long study, says Prof. Dimitrios Karussis, the renowned stem-cell transplant expert leading the research. Karussis, head of Hadassah’s Multiple Sclerosis Center and a member of the European Steering Committee for Bone Marrow Transplantation in Multiple Sclerosis, is a stem-cell therapy pioneer. Last year, findings of his

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