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Reaching Out in Love to Widows and Orphans


Palestinians: Prepare for 3rd Intifada

The main concern is that local protests will prompt violent clashes and mass rioting. As part of security measures ahead of Sunday [May 15] the police announced that it will restrict the entrance to Temple Mount on Friday to male worshippers over the age of 45, carrying Israeli IDs. Meanwhile, Palestinians continued their preparations ahead

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Shin Bet—Egypt Doing Little to Stop Gaza Arms Smugglers

During the Mubarak era, Egypt applied substantial efforts to foiling weapon smuggling operations. Among those were the underground steel wall project—meant to physically block smuggling tunnels, which is still under construction—and the deployment of motion sensors along the border. Still, the Shin Bet said Egypt’s effort did little to significantly reduce weapons smuggling across its

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Iranian Nuclear Power Plant Begins Operation

According to a press release from the Russian nuclear company Atomstroyexport, the Bushehr plant is currently in a test phase, among other things to test that the plant’s protection systems are working properly.   The Bushehr plant made headlines last year after it was revealed to have been affected by the Stuxnet computer worm. Its

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Clashes Erupt in Three Syrian Cities

In Aleppo, security forces broke up a demonstration by thousands of students demanding an end to the military siege of other cities.   On Wednesday, United Nations Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon called on President Assad to “heed calls for reform and freedom and to desist from excessive force and mass arrest of peaceful demonstrators.”

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Hamas Open to 1967 Lines, But Not Permanent Peace with Israel

While Zahar’s “liberate the lands” comment appears to refer to future violence against Israel, his refugee discussion also poses a threat to Israel’s existence as a Jewish state. Israel has pointed out that should millions of Palestinians enter Israel after a two-state solution is realized, Israel’s demographic balance as the nation state for the Jewish

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Anatomy of Financial Sanctions on Iran

Gary Seymour, Obama’s advisor for disarmament affairs expressed similar concerns. In a recent radio interview he noted that everyone’s attention was on the Arab Spring, the Arab uprisings which divert attention from Iran’s nuclear plans to the lack of stability in the Arab world. Discussing his role, Levey says that it was quite a challenge

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Jumblatt Threatens to Pull Support for Hizbullah-Backed Government

Writing in his party’s newspaper, Jumblatt said the new government “totally failed.”

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Israel Braces for ‘Nakba Day’

Several IDF regiments will be joining units already in place, in case Palestinian rallies turn violent and prompt dangerous friction with Israeli forces and settlers. “We don’t want to be surprised or improvise a response at the last moment,” a military official said, while expressing his hope that quiet will prevail throughout ‘Nakba Day.’ Meanwhile,

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Next Gaza Flotilla Aiming for June

Israel has accused the flotilla organizers of planning an unnecessary provocation. Israel’s naval blockade of Gaza is intended to prevent weapons and military-use items from reaching terrorists. Last year’s flotilla included violent attacks on Israeli soldiers attempting to commandeer the vessels as part of the blockade. As a result of the clashes between the activists

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Israel Pushes for Dead Sea to Be Named Wonder of the World

According to the Israeli press release, the New7Wonders Foundation expects around 1 billion people to vote from around the world. Israel has set up their own Web site to direct people to the online voting booth at After being selected from a list of 420 sites across the world, the Dead Sea is now

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