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Ukrainian Jews Arriving


Netanyahu: Palestinians Distort History

November 26, 2010

“They are trying to say that our presence in Judea and Samaria is the reason for the conflict, which isn’t true,” he said. “They took the results of the 1967 conflict [the Six-Day War against multiple Arab enemies]—that is, the construction in Judea and Samaria—and turned them into the reason for the conflict.” Addressing the

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Ayatollah Prevents Movment Toward Ahmadinejad Impeachment

Ahmadinejad’s offenses relate to a lack of transparency and acting without approval from the parliament.  

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Israel Sets New Tourism Record for A Year

Israel passed the 3 million-tourist-mark for this year on Monday [November 22], announcing they had broken their own record for incoming tourists in a year in a press statement from the Tourism Ministry. Estimates by the Tourism Ministry predict a total of 3.4 million tourists for 2010, which would eclipse the previous all-time high for

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Law Passes Requiring Public Support for Withdrawal

November 24, 2010

In comments to reporters posted on the Prime Minister’s Office Web site, Netanyahu called the legislation “very important.”  Said Netanyahu of the referendum law, “It ensures that there won't be tension in the country. If we enter into a peace process that could bear historic fruit, the public knows that in the end it will

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Hamas Accuses Fatah of Sabotaging Reconciliation Efforts

Efforts to reunite Fatah and Hamas have stalled recently. The bifurcation of Palestinian areas into Hamas-controlled Gaza and Fatah-controlled West Bank is seen as a major obstacle to statehood.

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Israel’s Italian Bridge to Europe

Shared research priorities include sustainable agriculture and natural resource management (water, soil); food quality; the adaptation of agriculture to climate change; precision farming; and genomic technologies applied to horticultural and fruit farmers. The agreement includes an annual call for bilateral cooperative research projects from the two ministries. Earlier in the fall, a delegation from Torino,

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Poll: Most Palestinians View Talks as Precursor to 1 State

A closer look, however, reveals a different picture: According to the poll, most Palestinians refuse to reconcile with the idea of Israel as a Jewish state. While 23% accept the statement that “Israel has a permanent right to exist as a homeland for the Jewish people,” two-thirds prefer the alternative statement that “over time Palestinians

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Israel, Jordan Team Up in Oil Spill Exercise

While the exercise focused on an oil spill in Jordan’s port on the Red Sea, Israel also has a port on the important waterway in the southern city of Eilat. The joint exercise shows an understanding of the joint risk shared by the two nations. Said the communiqué, “Joint action and mutual assistance in the

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Roman Tenth Legion Country Club Uncovered in Jerusalem

Sion explained that there were about 6,000 soldiers in the Tenth Legion, which was based in the city for about 200 years. “They needed it. It was part of their culture,” he told The Media Line. Rome sent out the legion in the first century AD to put down the Jewish revolt against Roman rule

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Abbas: No Jerusalem Construction Freeze, No Talks

Asked whether direct talks will resume should the moratorium not include east Jerusalem Abbas said: “Obviously if the settlement construction freeze will not be complete and include east Jerusalem we shall not accept it.” Meanwhile, Shas spiritual leader Rabbi Ovadia Yosef is awaiting a written US assurances paper regarding Jerusalem construction. Shas Chairman and Interior

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