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Reaching Out in Love to Widows and Orphans


Australian Official Calls on UN to Refer Assad to International Criminal Court

“I believe it is high time the [UN] Security Council now consider a formal referral of President Assad to the International Criminal Court,” he told the National Press Club in Canberra. The former Australian prime minister said: “When you see such large-scale directed action by a head of government against his own civilian population…the deepest

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Navy: Flotilla Won’t Breach Blockade

Earlier Tuesday, IDF Chief of Staff Lieutenant-General Benny Gantz addressed the nearing sail, saying that its organizers “are acting out of hate, with the intent to create provocation and agitate spirits, not out of any desire to assist Gaza’s population.” The military stressed that any vessel trying to breach the maritime blockade would be stopped

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Palestinians Continue to Deny Israel’s Right to Exist

Whereas Hamas openly denies Israel’s right to exist in both English and Arabic, the PA professes in English before the international community to have recognized Israel’s right to exist. As documented by Palestinian Media Watch, when addressing its own people in Arabic, the PA—like Hamas—completely denies Israel’s right to exist.   The following is the

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Israeli Cabinet Adopts Investment Plan for Jerusalem

“It is important the entire world knows, that the Jewish people and our friends around the world stand together, faithful to Jerusalem and our heritage, steadfast in their positions, insisting on our security and extending a hand in genuine peace to our neighbors,” he declared. Netanyahu explained that under the plan, Jerusalem would become a

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Arab League Supports Palestinian Push for UN Statehood Recognition

Peace negotiations between the sides were suspended last year by the Palestinians following the end of Israel’s unprecedented gesture of a 10-month settlement construction freeze, with the Palestinians placing preconditions on the resumption of talks. Speaking with Bridges for Peace, Israeli Prime Minister’s Office spokesman Mark Regev critiqued the Arab League decision and slammed the

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Turning Up the Volume for Deaf Palestinians

A hearing aid will improve the quality of life for older Palestinians as well, like Muhammad Arzall, a 50-year-old farmer whose hearing gradually deteriorated as he got older. Arzall didn’t have the money to purchase a hearing aid, so he went without—until now. Operating under secrecy because of security concerns in the Palestinian Authority, where

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Iran Cleric Implies Killing Israeli Children OK

In response, Mesbah expressed his regret that his follower has fallen victim to “propaganda by Islam’s enemies.” He added that the follower was wasting his time instead of focusing on “uprooting the Zionist regime.” “When defending Islam and the nation of Muslim believers via martyrdom acts, this (suicide attacks) is not only permitted, it’s a

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Police Gear Up Towards Possible September Riots

He stressed the importance of coordination between the various security elements and noted he was working with his colleagues to establish new coordination mechanisms.

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Hizbullah Leader Comes to the Rescue of his Syrian Patron

“All indications show that a majority of the Syrian people still support this regime and support Al-Assad,” Nasrallah told a crowd gathered in the eastern Lebanese town of Nabi Sheet on Wednesday to celebrate the 11th anniversary of Israel’s withdrawal from southern Lebanon. “Al-Assad believes in reform, and he is prepared to undertake far-reaching steps,

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Venezuelan Jews Protest Promotion of ‘Protocols of the Elders of Zion’

“The Venezuelan Jews know that the promotion of this anti-Semitic leaflet only generates hatred and discrimination, therefore violating the constitution of the Bolivarian Republic of Venezuela. That is why we request the Office of the Attorney General to open an investigation and establish exemplary responsibilities. We are convinced that the Venezuelan Government, as stated publicly

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