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Global Visitors to Dive into Israeli Water Tech

Peled’s first priority in preparing for the conference is to make sure that Israeli water tech companies—large, medium and startup—make a splash globally. Making his job easier are the proven innovations of about 400 companies he represents. About 200 of these companies are already exporting, accounting for between US $2.5 billion and US $3.5 billion

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IDF Targets Senior Hamas Operative in Recent Conflict

In addition to the Hamas operative’s involvement with Shalit, the press release said Snima also was “involved in a significant number of terrorist attacks against Israeli civilians and IDF soldiers.”   IDF spokeswoman Lt. Col. Avital Leibovich told Bridges for Peace that Snima was on the level of a battalion commander in Hamas and was

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Israel Claims Russian Missile Hit School Bus Last Week

In the past, the United States government imposed sanctions on KBP after Israel proved missiles made in the factory were sold to Syria and eventually ended up in Hizbullah hands. After the 2006 Lebanon War, Israel presented Russia with evidence proving Kornet missiles sold to Syria hit Israeli tanks. The Russians denied all allegations. Now

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Lebanon Getting Closer to Forming Cabinet

The new government, which includes Hizbullah, flouts U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701 which forbids entities other than the government from maintaining a fighting force and arsenal.   Meanwhile, on Sunday [April 10] a fourth mass demonstration against sectarianism was held in the streets of Beirut. The movement to topple Lebanon’s sectarian system of government continues

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IDF Estimates Round of Violence Over

“But on the ground, the reality is much more complicated, and there are other considerations, including unwanted escalation on the other side. Therefore the balancing point is very important. We need to know how to transmit a message to the other side, while at the same time knowing where and when to stop,” the source

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“Ceasefire, Truce, Calm”—Media Fails to Explain Intrinsic Differences

On Thursday [April 7], Palestinian Ambassador to the UN Ryadh Mansour said: “As far as I know, Hamas and its allies declared a ceasefire [waqf itlaq al-nar]and we hope that all sides respect it, as well as Israel.” However, Hamas itself did not use that term. Instead, it used the more general Arabic term “tahdia,”

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Archaeologists of the Future

As part of the journey back in time, IAA will set up an excavation compound where one can discover different artifacts such as pottery shards and coins, as well as candy in between. The children will be invited to go on an adventure in time, equipped with special tools with which they will dig and

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Hamas Anti-tank Missile Hits Israeli School Bus

Hamas’s military wing later claimed credit for the attack in an article on their English-language Web site complete with photos of the damaged bus. In addition to the bus strike, at least 45 mortars and rockets were fired from Gaza terrorists at Israel on Thursday, according to a press release on the IDF spokesperson’s blog.

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Gaza Groups Declare Truce; IDF Bombs Strip

Earlier, a Palestinian source associated with Islamic Jihad said that the decision to declare a truce followed consultations with Arab officials around the world. Another source said the ceasefire announcement was a product of indirect negotiations with Israel. However, at this time, it appears that the IDF is preparing to launch additional strikes in Gaza

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Attack on Vehicle in Sudan Kills Two

Since then, there have been reports that Israeli aircraft operate against ships transferring weapons to Hamas. Last month, Egyptian forces blocked a five-vehicle weapons convoy trying to cross the border from Sudan.

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