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Crisis Deepens for Ethiopian and Ukrainian Jews


Israel Braces for Obama Meeting

In addition, Defense Minister Ehud Barak is scheduled to meet Monday afternoon with Palestinian Prime Minister Salam Fayyad, and sources say he may present him with the list as well. Israeli officials believe the main issue Netanyahu will discuss with Obama is the decision to move forward to direct talks with the Palestinians. After 15

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Mashaal: Hamas Will Capture More Israeli Soldiers

Mashaal also ruled out Turkey as a possible mediator between Hamas and Fatah in their internecine feud.

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PA TV: Demonic Jews Threaten Al-Aqsa

The PA Mufti made a similar accusation last month, when he told the PA daily newspaper Al-Hayat Al-Jadida that Israel was planning to destroy the Al-Aqsa Mosque in order to build its “alleged temple” on the ruins [May 22, 2010]. Both Hamas and the Palestinian Authority (Fatah) have generated and sustained religious hatred by disseminating

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A New Wind Blows Between Israelis and Palestinians

Brothers Engineering Group was founded by Dr. Mohammed Salem, a pharmacist, businessman and social entrepreneur with Engineers without Borders. Salem, the company's CEO, has been in the wind business since 2006 and employs 15 people in Bethlehem. His company supplies wind turbines and solar solutions to the West Bank region.”Business collaboration in the area of

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Peres: N. Korea Has Become Nuclear Duty-Free Shop

Peres was adamant in their meeting. He said, “Russia, the EU, and the US must spearhead additional measures and sanctions against Iran. We must not be naïve and must make heard a moral voice against this country, whose police hang in the streets those who are opposed to the regime and allows women to be

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PA TV Host to Children: Jews Are “Our Enemies”

In another episode, the same host interviewed the four-year-old son of a prisoner serving a 15-year sentence. She asked who imprisoned his father, and the boy answered, “The Jews.” As in the other interview, the host prompted the child: “The Jews are our enemies, right?” The boy nodded in response. It is worth noting that

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“Arab Commandos” in Jerusalem?

Saladin Security, which was established in 1978, provides training and security services in dozens of countries and was set up by veterans of the elite SAS unit. Saladin, or in its previous name, KMS, has already been entrusted with some controversial operations in the past. Among other things, its members trained the Islamic rebels fighting

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IAF Strikes Terrorist that Fired at Israel

According to a separate IDF press statement, in response to that attack, the Israel Air Force last week hit a weapons storage facility in Gaza and two terror tunnels, which the IDF said were intended for infiltration into Israel in order to carry out terror attacks. More than 90 rockets and mortars have been fired

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John Kerry Reassures Israel

Regarding the threat from Iran, Senator Kerry remarked, “No one in the United States underestimates or mistakes the challenge that Iran is posing to the region. And as you know, we have just been dealing with the Iran Sanctions Act. We have put some tough sanctions into place…and in the Senate, we just went further

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Deal Delayed Due to Refusal to Allow Terrorists into West Bank

While Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s associates said Saturday evening [June 26] that the protest march aimed at pressuring the government to work to release Shalit was a legitimate move, the security establishment presented the following data to the forum of seven senior ministers: In March 2009, after the Olmert government and Hamas were at odds

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