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A Light in the Midst of Trauma

Learning from the Land of Israel

Pushing Back Time

Fava seeds found at site A joint study by researchers of the Weizmann Institute and the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) examined fava seeds (broad beans) found in archaeological excavations in recent years at Neolithic sites in the Galilee in northern Israel. Seeds found at the prehistoric sites show that the inhabitants’ diet at the time

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The Jordan River—Restoring a Legend

The weighty mantle of mystique rests heavily on Israel’s main river, the Jordan. In fact, everything about the Jordan River is on a legendary scale—except its actual size. Even at its deepest and widest, it’s surprisingly small (averaging 2m [6.5 ft] deep and 10m [32.8 ft] wide), considering its historical, economic and spiritual import to

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Restoring Paradise: Introducing Biblical Species Back to the Land

 It was 1978 and the streets of Tehran echoed with the sounds of gunshots and wild mobs screaming, “Death to America! Death to Israel!” Iran was reeling under a volatile political inferno, soon to explode into the full-blown Islamic Revolution. Trying to dodge angry demonstrators and stray bullets, a lone man hurried through the streets,

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Fascinating Facts About Israel and the Jewish People

Israel is an amazing country. As you peruse the pages of this magazine, you may discover things about this incredible place that you might not have known. You may be surprised as you learn about the size of the country, the prophecies God is fulfilling here in our lifetime, the beauty and majesty of the

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Living in Community

When I first began learning Hebrew, my teacher continually had to correct my prepositions and conjunctions because I always set single-letter words apart from the words they were modifying or connecting. What I learned at last was that no Hebrew letter ever stands alone. If it’s a single syllable, it is either connected to what

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​Building on a Sure Foundation

When we bring Christians to Israel, there are certain places we believe they absolutely must see. Those include the Sea of Galilee and Jordan River, Capernaum, Dead Sea, the Jewish Quarter of Jerusalem’s Old City and the Western Wall (Kotel). But at the top of the list is the site of the Temple Mount Excavations.

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Ezra, Unsung Hero of the Faith

For most Christians, a list of the greatest men of the Tanakh [Gen.–Mal.] would include the likes of Moses the Lawgiver, David the King, Abraham the Father of both Jews and Christians, and the prophets Isaiah and Jeremiah. Some might even include Nehemiah, cupbearer to the king of Babylon and rebuilder of the walls of

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The Geography of Israel

{image_1}Have you ever wondered why God asked Abraham to move? Why couldn’t he have served God in Ur? Moving his household was a major event. Remember, they didn’t have moving trucks, so moving took weeks, maybe months. There is a very good answer, and it has to do with geography.

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Off the Beaten Track

{image_1}One of the advantages of living in Israel as volunteers with Bridges for Peace instead of just touring Israel for a week or two is being able to see some sites off the beaten track that are usually not part of a tour. In May, our staff from Karmiel and Jerusalem came together for our annual retreat. Besides spiritual refreshment, another delightful ingredient of the three-day event is going on fun excursions.

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The Desert Will Blossom

{image_1}“The desert and the parched land will be glad; the wilderness will rejoice and blossom…” (Isaiah 35:1, NIV)

After seeing photos of the lush, green Galilee, an astonished friend once told me that she thought Israel was all desert. Well, Israel is not exactly all desert, but desert does make up almost 60% of the nation’s land mass. I expect she envisioned camel caravans making their way across endless dunes of sand, but, in fact, the desert of Israel is comprised primarily of rocky outcrops and mountains, deep craters, and dry riverbeds.

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