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Inventions & Innovations

Garlic and Onion Chemical Helps Kill Cancer Cells

August 8, 2005

The active ingredient in garlic and onions has been used together with advanced biotechnology by a Weizmann Institute of Science research team, led by professor David Mirelman, to improve the targeting of malignant cancer cells. The cancer-killing effectiveness of the technique lies in arming a cancer-targeting antibody with the destructive potential of a dietary molecule called allicin.

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Tiny Needle-driving robot Developed

August 8, 2005

Researchers from Haifa’s Tech-nion–Israel Institute of Technology have developed a miniature robot that can navigate a flexible needle in the human body. The new needle will allow a surgeon to bypass obstacles in the needle’s path and safely reach its objective within the body.

“We are talking about driving a flexible needle,” says doctoral student Daniel Glozman. He developed the steering algorithm under the guidance of Professor Moshe Shoham of the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering.

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Israeli Technology to Help Breast-Cancer Patients

June 26, 2005

An Israeli company, together with the Soroka University Medical Center in Beersheva, is exploring the treatment of breast cancer using revolutionary Israeli-made Virtual Cancer Patient technology.

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Israeli Scientists Develop NEW Explosives Detector

June 26, 2005

Researchers at the Technion–Israel Institute of Technology have developed a pen-sized device to detect triacetone triperoxide (TATP), an explosive commonly used by terrorists. The device resembles a pen with three buttons on it. It dispenses chemical solutions, which change color upon contact with the material.

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Forbes: Israeli Web site “Best Innovation in Years”

June 26, 2005

The prestigious magazine Forbes has termed Israeli start-up GuruNet the “best Internet innovation in years.” The company’s software enables users to click on any word on their screen—whether in an e-mail, a Word document, or even a PDF file—to receive an instant pop-up box full of relevant information.

For example, clicking on the word “Intel”—or typing it in—turns up a single page with a brief company history, including pictures of the founders, a company profile, annual sales, employees, office phone numbers, executives’ names, stock charts, and recent news.

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Gush Katif Produces Bug-Free Vegetables

June 26, 2005

Alei Katif, a company in the Gaza settlement of Kfar Darom, is selling the world’s first guaranteed bug-free produce and, along with other ventures, expects sales to increase by 20% in the coming months. Since observant Jews are prohibited by Jewish law from ingesting bugs, bug-free vegetables are very popular in the religious community. Otherwise, the vegetables have to be soaked for hours or thoroughly checked for bugs.

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Another Possible Parkinson’s Gene Identified

{image_1} Israeli researchers have added another gene to the list of those possibly linked to Parkinson's disease, saying their finding could one day affect the treatment options available to patients.

The gene is one that, in a mutated form, causes Gaucher's disease, a genetic condition in which lipids-blood fats-can't be metabolized properly. There is a high incidence of the disease among Ashkenazic Jews, from Eastern Europe.

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Molecules Form Nano Containers

{image_1} Researchers from the University of Minnesota and the Technion-Israel Institute of Technology have found a way to coax the self-assembly of minuscule, multi-compartment structures made from molecules, the smallest structures made by man.

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Man-Made Spider Webs Stronger than Steel

{image_1} For the first time ever, self-assembled spider web fibers, which are much stronger than silk spun by silkworms, have been created under laboratory conditions outside of the bodies of the arthropods.

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Innovative Bandages Save Lives

March 2, 2005

In the Persian Gulf War in the early 1990s, United States soldiers fighting on the Middle Eastern battlefield sometimes found themselves using dressings dated from World War II to patch up their wounds. In the present Iraqi conflict, however, American forces are now using an advanced new bandage, developed in Israel, that can save lives by stopping traumatic hemorrhaging wounds and can also be used as a tourniquet, or a sling.

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