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Crisis Deepens for Ethiopian and Ukrainian Jews

Anti-Semitism / Holocaust

Living Out Loud in the Face of Terror

Over the last months of 2015, Israel found itself in the grip of the worst terror onslaught since the dreadful days of the Second Intifada (uprising) when Palestinian suicide bombers turned civilian buses and restaurants into raging infernos. International media has dubbed it the “The Knife Intifada,” while Palestinians proudly refer to it as “The

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Anti-Semitism’s Global Comeback

The last time anti-Semitism infected the world at large was in the 19th and 20th centuries.  After WWII, it remained a low grade fever, flaring up occasionally around the world. But, today it has returned in a new, mutated form that may be the most powerful and viral in human history. The last infection resulted in

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Global Anti-Semitism Increases 400%

The report, authored by the Public Diplomacy and Diaspora Affairs Ministry in cooperation with the Coordination Forum for Countering anti-Semitism, found there was a 400 percent rise in anti-Semitic incidents during July and August 2014—likely due to Operation Protective Edge—compared to the same time the previous year. France [has risen] to be “the most dangerous

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Anti-Semitism—an Attitude of Hatred

A recent article in a well-known internet news magazine challenged the idea that anti-Semitism is on the rise worldwide, giving a clear glimpse into growing attempts to discredit the Jewish people. Quoting statistics from a variety of sources, the article erroneously claimed that anti-Semitic incidents are actually decreasing globally. In fact, the article asserted, the

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Israel’s Fight for Survival

Through the centuries, the Jewish people have endured persecution, danger, and death. They have experienced unparalleled pain as a nation throughout the long years of their dispersion. Hundreds of years of persecution culminated in the Holocaust as Hitler and the Nazis systematically attempted to annihilate the Jewish people. Six million Jews were murdered. Today the

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A New Look at an Ancient Evil

We live in a day when scholars and political leaders the world over are re-examining anti-Semitism. Many believe it needs to be redefined, new parameters set, new lines drawn. In some cases, the outcome has been positive for the Jewish people, but for the most part, the message to the world is clear: anti-Semitism, though

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Israel’s War for Truth

Since its reemergence as a nation in 1948, Israel has suffered opposition on nearly every level possible. She has been attacked repeatedly in the military arena by hostile neighbors, {image_2}the public relations arena by the world media, the political arena by the United Nations, the religious arena by replacement theologians, and even in the diplomatic arena by countries that claimed to be her allies. In recent years, however, a groundswell of support has arisen, creating for Israel a new and powerful friend in the form of evangelical Christians. From all over the world, many of these believers, perhaps like some of us, are proud to carry the label “Christian Zionist” and are determined to use their political, financial, and spiritual leverage to help Israel withstand whatever attack might come next.

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The Ugly Truth about Genocide

{image_1} In recent years, the concept of genocide has found its way into the Palestinian propaganda machine with dozens of such accusations being leveled against Israel from journalists, politicians, and clerics. Israel has been called a Nazi, or genocidal, state that kills children, thrives on the blood of its enemies, and is bent on the destruction of the Palestinian people. The gravity of such charges requires a closer look at the context of the allegations as well as a clear understanding of exactly how the international community has defined genocide.

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The dictionary defines war as “a state of armed conflict between different nations or states or different groups within a nation or state.” Of the 192 United Nations member states, all have been involved in such a conflict at one time or another. The UN further estimates that there are currently somewhere between 39 and 45 armed confrontations raging worldwide at any given moment. Of all of those conflicts, however, none seems to attract as much attention as those thrust upon the nation of Israel.

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The Battle for Israel’s History


As long as there have been historians, there have been those who would rewrite their stories, and for a myriad of reasons. On the positive side, re-examining history has long been accepted as a means of keeping our understanding of the past current. Developments in science, technology, archaeology, etc, have shed new light on old stories, sometimes adding a new dimension to a particular historical period or event and sometimes even modifying the mainstream view. Allowing for the reinterpretation of longstanding views based on new evidence is, in fact, good scholarship, providing that adherence to accuracy is central to the review.

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