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Beirut Rally: “Hundreds of Thousands” Demand Hizbullah Disarm

March 15, 2011
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The terrorist organization then became the power broker setting up the successor government by hand-picking the prime minister-designate. Al-Hariri was the main speaker at the event [on Sunday], which was officially called to celebrate the sixth anniversary of the founding of the March 14th coalition.  

But given the massive turnout, it became the most compelling indication to date of the depth of opposition to Hizbullah’s “intimidation by arms,” the charge that it uses Israel as an excuse to maintain its vast arsenal but, in fact, uses the arsenal to intimidate and force its way in domestic politics. The Hizbullah arsenal also places Lebanon squarely in violation of U.N. Security Council Resolution 1701, which allows only the government to bear arms.  

The demonstration adds fuel to the pending confrontation that many believe will explode when the STL hands down indictments in the matter of the 2005 assassination of former Prime Minister Rafiq Al-Hariri, Sa’ad’s father. Hizbullah agents are expected to be named and Hizbullah chief Na’srallah has threatened a violent response when it happens.

Posted on March 15, 2011

Source: (Excerpts of an article by The Media Line, March 14, 2011)

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