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The World Is Silent, Except When it Comes to Israel

January 17, 2017

by: Ben-Dror Yemini

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The massacre in Mosul and its surroundings is shocking. Everyone is killing and massacring everyone. Not just ISIS. The world is watching. The world knows. And the world is keeping quiet. It also happened in Aleppo in Syria. The big hospital was ruined. The world knows, watches and keeps silent.

The world’s greatest power has decided not to intervene: a few observers, some air support and nothing more. US President Barack Obama legitimized this. He had promised to intervene if Syria were to use chemical weapons. There was a short-term illusion regarding an agreement. The use of chemical weapons continues. The massacre has only expanded.

Every mass slaughter requires every human being, definitely a Jew, to think about the world’s silence in the 1940s. There is a double lesson from the Holocaust, both national and human. The national lesson has been learned. Israel can defend itself. The human, universal lesson has never been learned.

It didn’t start today. Since World War II, 86 million people have been killed and mainly slaughtered. According to a study of the American Public Health Association, the figure is 190 million. Five million in Congo, and the world kept quiet. A million during the Russian invasion and control of Afghanistan, and the world kept quiet. Three million in Bangladesh’s war of independence, and the world kept quiet. About half a million in Algeria’s war of independence, and the world kept quiet. Millions of children, refugees and hungry people in Nigeria and Somalia because of jihad, and the world kept quiet. Most of these wars included similar—and even more serious—massacres than the one taking place in Syria, and the world kept quiet.

Just to put things in proportion, 80,000 to 120,000 people have been killed in all of Israel’s wars against Arab countries. A majority of the people killed in the world are innocent. An absolute majority of those killed in Israel’s wars against the Palestinians are either fighters or terrorists.

But let’s not say that the world in general, and the free world in particular, does not have a conscience. On the contrary, a protest is going on: a protest against Israel, almost exclusively against Israel. Millions are being killed in the world, but the protests, the articles, the rallies are mainly against Israel. Most of the resolutions of the United Nations’ Human Rights Council, in its previous and current round, are against Israel.

While Israel’s contribution to world violence is insignificant, most of the world’s protest is against Israel. Masses filled up the squares of London, San Francisco, Paris and Amsterdam in protest of Israel’s “massacre” of the Palestinians, a massacre that never happened. There have been nearly zero protests against the rest of the massacres in the world.

It must be said, loud and clear: the manipulative and poisonous protest against Israel paves the way for the free world’s silence in light of the massacres and crimes against humanity that are really taking place. There is no global protest against massacres. There is a groundless and exaggerated protest against Israel. There are no human morals here. There is hypocrisy and political fraud.

One can understand why international bodies are keeping quiet in light of real crimes in the world while incessantly condemning Israel. These bodies have a dark majority. The problem is that those who are supposed to deal with human rights are joining this dark majority. And when representatives from Israel participate in international forums and talk about Israel’s crimes in front of representatives of the countries responsible for crimes against humanity, and when they address left-wing organizations in the world that are staying silent in light of the real crimes and are only condemning Israel, they are adding to this enormous fraud. This is not concern for human rights; this is a moral crime.

Source: Excerpt of article, Ynetnews

Photo Credit: Fishman64/shutterstock.com

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