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Unlocking the Written Word

March 13, 2018

by: Janet Aslin, Bridges for Peace

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Children and adults who struggle with dyslexia are often frustrated by their difficulties unscrambling the printed word. Good news from Israel—the Reading Pen, developed by Wizcomtech, can transform those frustrations into understanding.

There are devices which scan text and read it aloud to its user. The Reading Pen does more than that—it breaks the words into syllables which are viewed and pronounced distinctly. This has proven helpful for the reader to learn and then later recognize that word. If the reader desires, the word can be spelled out, letter by letter.

The pen is easy to use. For beginners, it comes with a clear plastic guide that shows the user exactly what is being scanned. You can listen to each word separately or the whole sentence at once. A built-in dictionary allows the reader to listen to the definition. Headphones mean that others in the classroom aren’t disrupted. If the user scans too quickly, he gets a message telling him to slow down!

Currently available in American or British English, the Reading Pen is priced at a little under $200. You can order one from the company’s website (www.wizcomtech.com) or even from Amazon.

Photo Credit: www.wizcomtech.com

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