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Ugandan Pastor Receives Emergency Medical Care

April 16, 2012
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Umar Mulinde, a 38-year-old evangelical pastor from Uganda who began preaching support for Israel, arrived in Israel on January 5th for emergency medical treatment following an acid attack that severely burned his face, torso, and damaged his right eye. Pastor Mulinde, [who] converted to Christianity after spending much of his life as a Muslim,was attacked with acid ob Christmas Eve in Kampala, The assailants shouted “Allah Akhbar” (God is great) immediately following the attack

After being initially hospitalized at International Hospital Kampala, Pastor Mulinde requested to come to Israel for more advanced medical treatment. Mulinde got in touch with Andrea Gottlieb from Philadelphia, who runs the on-line Web site for Jewish distance learning “JerusalemOnLineU” that supports Mulinde’s ministry of preaching about Israel. Gottlieb made contact with Professor Ze’ev Rotstein, director of the Sheba Medical Center.

Sheba serves patients from across the Middle East and Europe and conducts humanitarian medical missions around the world, including ophthalmological care and burn treatment throughout Africa. Professor Rotstein offered to provide medical and rehabilitative care to Mulinde free of charge.

“Healing is deeply ingrained in Jewish history and tradition. So it was only natural that we agreed to help Pastor Mulinde,” said Professor Rotstein. “Our hospital is very active and experienced in treating patients from around the world, including from Arab countries that have no diplomatic relations with Israel. I trust that we can rehabilitate him and perhaps help him regain his eyesight.”

Pastor Mulinde, son of an Islamic imam [leader of a mosque], was trained in Islamic theology before converting to Christianity while attending university. He became an outspoken critic of Islam and has publicly debated many Muslims across Uganda. Mulinde’s wife is a prominent gospel singer.

Pastor Mulinde had learned about Israel through JerusalemOnlineU.com’s course materials. He has since taught the courses at his Gospel Life Church International and to neighboring ministers and organized a 5,000-person teach-ing about Israel in a local stadium. Andrea Gottlieb said, “Pastor Mulinde uses our courses to share his love for Israel with others. He is a devoted and loyal friend of Israel.”

Source: By Isranet

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