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The Land of Milk and Honey

September 10, 2006
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Israel gets 10,000 liters [2,642 gallons] a year out of the average cow. Dutch cows, it turns out, are the second largest producers of milk at 8,193 liters [2,164 gallons], surpassing even cows in the United States, which came in a close third at 8,162 liters [2,156 gallons]. The most recent figures for worldwide milk production are from the year 2003, showing an average of 6,455 liters [1,705 gallons] for cows in the European Union.

Israeli honey also continues to flow in our Land, with an output of some 3,200 tons of the velvety liquid gold last year. Israelis consumed approximately half a kilo––a little over one pound––of honey per person over the year.

By Hana Levi Julian, Arutz Sheva

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